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  1. (1) Rowland Hall AF vs. (8) SPC JQ (15) Austin Northwest BQ vs. (23) Head Royce MW (3) New Trier CS vs. (6) Kinkaid BK (4) GBN MP vs. (5) Wayzata RS
  2. Hey, I'm Ford Hayes. I'd like to get hired for the Blake tournament, just for judging. I already have a place in Minneapolis and transportation/food, so you don't have to worry about any of those costs. This probably makes me the cheapest option available here. I debated 4 years at Wayzata High School in Plymouth, MN. I currently go to Montana State University. You can email me at fordbhayes@gmail.com. Edit: I forgot that I took my name off this account.
  3. Pretty sure those seeds aren't correct, because Wayzata are 6-1, and the Edina/Sibley debate is between two 5-2 teams. Edit: This is coming from the coaches from the schools that are there, at mdta.org
  4. Minneapolis South lost to Bishop Guertin Round 7 on a 2-1. Minneapolis South picked up Round 8 against whoever X230 is. Bloomington Jefferson picked up round 7 against Wooster. I'll edit this if I find out the result of BJ vs. Brookings in round 8.
  5. Do you know who either of the teams they hit were? Also, any update on Bozeman vs. Gunn?
  6. Want to know how I know you have 0 understanding of the types of arguments you're complaining about? We've had this argument on here more times than I can count, and it always ends up being filled with this exact same ignorance and unwarranted whining.
  7. 19. Noah Rosenthal, Wayzata
  8. Green Valley EK, Wayzata RR, HP JK, SPC JQ all finish 4-3.
  9. What I don't get about this discussion over competition via net benefit, is that the alt to it is significantly worse. The kinds of CP's that don't just compete through a net benefit are the ones that are significantly more abusive and harm education more. Think the "Ban the Plan and do X" CP or the "Give the USA to Britain CP" or "Consult Libya" or god knows what else. These compete in other ways, but they certainly don't compete in better ways.
  10. I want to see how many state championships the Malgor lab can bring home this year. I think you may be our first. Grats Darsh.
  11. Arbitrary


    Did they lose a single ballot all tournament?
  12. Arbitrary


    1. Pace AL v. Berkley Prep HS (Antonucci, Garrett, Fisher) 2. Westminster JS v. Wayzata RR (Batik, Skarb, Gjerpen) 3. Damien EH v. Westwood GM (Gordon, Weil, Schultz) 4. Westminster AT v. Hooch LR (Tinsley, Clark, Serrano) 5. Brophy MM v. CRWash KP (DHeidt, Friend, Vanhorn) 6. Greenhill BL v. Berkley Prep SS (Jennings, Ramakrishnan, Whitmore) 7. Woodward NP v. Bellarmine JS (Lazarevic, Song, Lingel) 8. Lexington KS v. Fullerton GS (Cramer, JHeidt, Matthews) 9. Bellarmine RV v. Wooster CG (Sharp, Levkowitz, Bencosme) 10. Kinkaid KS v. Hooch CS (Jones, Lanning, Coburn-Palo) 11. CPS KV v. Greenhill KK (Baker, Warden, Greenstein) 12. Sibley BC v. Bronx BM (Gannon, Quinn, Hamraie) 13. Colleyville MN v. St. Marks GM (Polin, Phillips, Patterson) 14. Dallas Jesuit MY v. Damien BR (Gibson, Baxter, Voss) 15. Ft. Lauderdale BM v. Notre Dame DP (Rubaie, Spies, Bauschard) 16. New Trier GS v. BG CP (Beiermeister, Forslund, Petit)
  13. Arbitrary


    3-0 for Westminster JS against Wayzata RR
  14. Arbitrary


    12. Sibley v. Bronx Science BM (Gannon, Quinn, Hamraie) 2. Westminster JS v. Wayzata RR (Batik, Skarb, Gjerpen) Only elims I know, and the only MN teams in Elims
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