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  1. Topicality Mental health care is not public health. It's private health. Mental health problems are not communicable diseases either. Other options: Someone said Mental Health K. That's a maybe but not something as predictable as fuko. Check your mental health topic backfills which are probably chock full of good args. I don't remember the year but from this year back the topics were Africa, National Service, Civil Liberties, UN Peacekeeping, Oceans, Mental Health.
  2. Brian Cole --Stratford Academy Applied: Dartmouth Wake Whitman Northwestern Accepted: University of Georgia Michigan State
  3. A better CP is the consult congress CP. I think someone at DDI might have put it out?
  4. Non unique on the perception link are only half the story. Why does the neg get to control the way plan is perceived? Most of these arguments are just conjecture. China could see the plan as helping health care in Africa not as oil competition, which would mean no link. They may even see the plan as a beneficial. If Africa had less disease and war there would be more people to work in the oil fields and more places to drill. Spending disads work the same way. Many people say investors perceive the plan one way and that crashes the economy. There is no reason why investors wouldn't see the plan in a economically positive light. If the investors (or the chinese) are as smart the negative makes them out to be they wouldn't freak out over something like the plan.
  5. Link turning the K is not always th best idea. Most of the time the block will just turn your link turns into new link arguments (Good K teams at least). You also need link turns specific to the K they read. Having cards that policy action prevents colonialism may not be the best answer to Niche, Heidegger, Marx, Lacan, or threat con. I have a card by brooks and minter that says increasing drug access is key to role back global apartheid. Lots of camps but out this card with their generic drugs affs. A better strategy against the K is a robust perm with a clear net benefit. You should supplement this with framework and alt doesn't solve. Strategically this functions much as a link turn would.
  6. I deffer 99% of all question to the 2ac.
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