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    Thursday File 11-7

    This week's Thursday file breaks new ground on immigration. Obama has just enough capital to get immigration through. The file has a litany of new cards and internal link evidence. This file includes amazing new impact defense to the common impact scenarios as well.
    Kendall Kaut just finished his career at Baylor where he was a 3 time NDT qualifier. He has been in the outrounds of many tournaments including: GSU, UMKC, Northwestern, Kentucky, Wake and USC. In highschool, he finished 6th and was 13th speaker at the 2009 NFL national tournament. He has led labs at Baylor and the JDI.
    Immigration 5
    1NC 6
    Uniqueness 9
    Top of Agenda 10
    Will Pass- Conference 11
    Will Pass- Dialogue 12
    Will Pass- Momentum 13
    A2: No Pass- Same as 2006 14
    A2: Boehner 15
    A2: Rubio Means No Pass 16
    Delay Link 17
    A2: Piecemeal 18
    A2: Farm Bill Thumps 19
    Internal Links 20
    Political Capital Key to Immigration 21
    A2: No PC 27
    A2: Winners Win 28
    A2: Hirsh 37
    Dem Unity Key to PC 39
    Obama Pushing 40
    Popularity Key to PC 41
    GOP Key 43
    Boehner PC Key 44
    Speaker PC True 45
    Impacts 47
    A2: Kick the Can 48
    A2: XO Solves 49
    2NC Hegemony 50
    Agriculture Impact Module 53
    Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Ag 54
    Agriculture Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Sustainable Ag 55
    Alternative Energy Impacts 56
    Asian Wars 57
    China 59
    Competitiveness Impacts 60
    Competitiveness Internals: Immigration Reform Key to Competitiveness 72
    Cyber-Terrorism Module 74
    Economy Impacts: Immigration Reform Key to Economy 75
    Economy Impacts: Skilled Workers Key to Economy 81
    Economy Impacts: AT: Impact Empirically Denied 82
    Econ Turns Environment Impacts 83
    Econ Impact – Protectionism 84
    Econ Turns Russia/China Relations 86
    Econ Impact – War 87
    Econ Impact – Warming 88
    Hegemony Impact Module 89
    India Relations Module 90
    India Relations—AT: Relations Resilient 91
    India Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-India Relations 93
    India Relations: Democracy Impacts 94
    India Relations: Economy Impacts 95
    India Relations: Indian Economy Impacts 96
    India Relations: Iran Prolif Impact 97
    India Relations: Laundry List Impacts 98
    India Relations Impacts: Prolif Module 99
    India Relations Impacts: Proliferation 100
    India Relations: Solves Indo-Pak War 101
    India Relations Impacts: Terrorism Module 103
    India Relations Impacts: Terrorism 104
    India Relations Impacts: Warming Module 105
    Latin American Relations Module 106
    Latin America Relations—Impact Overview 107
    Latin America Internals: Immigration Reform Key to US-Latin American Relations 108
    Latin American Relations: AT—Relations Resilient 110
    Latin American Relations—Now Key Time 112
    Latin American Relations: US Actions Key 113
    Latin American Relations: Even Watered Down Reform Solves 114
    ***Latin American Relations Impact Scenarios*** 115
    Latin American Relations—Alternative Energy Impacts 116
    Latin America Relations—Biofuels Impacts 117
    Latin American Relations: Democracy Impact Extensions 118
    Latin America Relations—Nuclear Power Impacts 119
    Latin American Relations: Oil Dependence Scenario 120
    Latin American Relations—Oil Prices Impact 121
    Latin American Relations: Poverty Impacts 122
    Latin American Relations: Soft Power Impacts 124
    Latin America Relations: Solar-Wind Impacts 125
    Latin American Relations: Warming Impact Scenario 126
    Science Diplomacy Impact Module 128
    Science Diplomacy Internals: Visas Key to Science Diplomacy 129
    Science Diplomacy: China Impact Module 131
    Science Diplomacy: Disease Impact Module 132
    Science Diplomacy: Middle East Impact Module 133
    Science Diplomacy: Poverty Impact 134
    Science Diplomacy: Soft Power Internal Link 135
    Science Diplomacy: War Impacts 137
    Science Diplomacy: Warming Impact 138
    Turns Poverty/Structural Violence 139
    A2: Impact Turns 140
    AT: Brain Drain Turn 141
    AT: Overpopulation Turn 143
    AT: Wages Turn 146
    Theory 148
    A2: Bottom of Docket 149
    A2: Do Both 150
    A2: Fiat Takes out Link 151
    A2: Introduction of plan triggers(vote No) 152
    A2: K’s of Politics 153
    Generic 154
    Aff 157
    Immigration 158
    No Pass- Conservatives 159
    No Pass- Democrats 160
    No Pass- Differences 161
    No Pass- GOP Dislike of Obama 162
    No Pass- Insurance Cancellation 163
    A2: Passes- Business Leaders 164
    A2: PC Key 165
    1AR PC Not Key 166
    Obama PC Not Key 167
    Aging 168
    Agriculture 170
    Biotech 172
    Deficit 173
    India Relations Impact Answers 176
    Latin American Relations Impact 177
    A2: Nye 179
    Science Diplomacy Impact 180
    Skilled Worker Impact Answers 184
    2ac: Skilled Workers Impact Turns 187
    Thumpers 188
    Farm Bill & Budget 189
    Minimum Wage 190
    A2: Immigration Top 191
    Iran Sanctions 192
    Iran Sanctions 193
    No Relief 194
    Delay Solves 195
    A2: Obama Needs Capital to Prevent Tough Sanctions 196
    A2: Iran Econ 197
    A2: U.S.-Iran War 198

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  2. 10.00 USD

    Thursday File 10-3 Debt Ceiling

    This week’s file is the debt ceiling. With how crazy everything has gotten in negotiations and sometimes the lack of negotiations, this file gives you everything you need. Worried the shutdown would make it tough to run politics this week? Don’t be, this file has you covered on why and what matters for passage. The file includes 2 different scenarios for the debt ceiling so you’ll be ready to go if events change late in the tournament. It also includes a variety of aff answers and mechanics for a number of 2NC links and link turns.
    Kendall Kaut just finished his career at Baylor where he was a 3 time NDT qualifier. He has been in the outrounds of many tournaments including: GSU, UMKC, Northwestern, Kentucky, Wake and USC. In highschool, he finished 6th and was 13th speaker at the 2009 NFL national tournament. He has led labs at Baylor and the JDI.
    Info. 4
    Debt Ceiling. 5
    1NC’s. 6
    Bully Pulpit 1NC. 7
    Party Unity 1NC. 11
    Bully Pulpit 2NC Mechanics. 15
    Bully Pulpit Key. 16
    A2: Not Using Bully Pulpit. 18
    2NC Delay Link. 19
    A2: Compromise/GOP win Link Turn. 20
    A2: Negotiations Solve. 21
    A2: Obama Not Negotiating. 23
    Party Unity 2NC Mechanics. 24
    Dem Unity Now.. 25
    2NC Uniqueness. 26
    Will Pass- Boehner. 27
    Will Pass- Budget $. 27
    A2: Thumpers Generic. 27
    A2: CR Thumper. 28
    A2: Obamacare thumper. 30
    A2: Uniqueness Overwhelms Link. 31
    A2: No Pass-Revenue. 32
    A2: Discharge Petition. 33
    2NC Links. 34
    Focus Key. 35
    Negotiation Key(Don’t read unless making own scenario) 36
    A2: No PC. 37
    2NC Impacts. 38
    A2: 14th amendment solves. 39
    A2: CR Solves Debt Ceiling Impact. 40
    AT: Other Unilat Action S. 41
    A2: Treasury Solves. 42
    A2: Shutdown Thumps. 43
    A2: Just Recession. 44
    Default Bad - Credit Rating. 45
    Default Bad - Dollar. 46
    Default Bad – Econ. 47
    Econ Decline = War. 50
    Econ Leadership – 2NC. 52
    Spending Cuts Bad – Hege 2NC. 53
    Spending Cuts Bad – Military Cuts Internals. 54
    Yes Spending Cuts. 55
    Military Cuts Impact Ext. - Hegemony. 57
    Military Cuts Impact – Economy Module 2NC. 59
    Spending Cuts Bad - Agencies. 61
    2NC- Food Crisis Impact. 64
    PC Mechanics. 65
    AT: Dickinson. 66
    AT: Winners Win. 68
    Aff 71
    Generic Aff 72
    A2: Boehner Weak. 73
    Boehner No PC. 74
    PC Wrong – 2AC. 75
    Winners Win – 2AC. 76
    Winners Win – 1AR. 77
    PC Low.. 78
    A2: Debt Ceiling. 79
    Uniqueness Overwhelms the Link. 80
    1AR Uniqueness O/W the Link. 81
    Won’t Pass. 82
    A2: Business Solves. 83
    A2: Bipartisanship Link. 84
    A2: Negotiations Solve. 85
    A2: Obama Meeting. 87
    A2: PC/Bully Pulpit. 88
    No Impact-Creditors. 89
    No Impact-Obama. 90
    No Impact-Payment. 91
    PC Not Key. 92
    PC Low.. 93
    Concession Link Turn. 94
    A2: Shutdown. 95
    A2: Military Impact. 96
    A2: Immigration. 97
    Won’t Pass. 98
    A2: Farm Bill 99
    No Pass. 100
    Already Expired 101

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