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  1. I'm Mark Schmitz, finishing up my sophomore year at the University of Kansas. I'm looking to get hired to cut cards for the NFL tournament. Unfortunately I can't attend the tournament, but I can email files before and during the tournament as requested. You can email me at: mwschmitz [at] ku [dot] edu Thanks!
  2. Who'll be collecting ballots? Im about to head out for the night, so i'll read through the 2nr and 2ar tomorrow, but when I make my ballot, who should I send it to?
  3. Thanks for taking it a) out of context removing a key word in the middle to provide context: "also"
  4. Ciera is right on this one It is twice the size because of the and/or.. you will be dealing with military and/or police presence. It is the reverse/opposite (pick your favorite here) because you are reducing not increasing. While I get your point, my post is still technically true, depending on how you interpret the resolution. Your post is also true, given a different interpretation.
  5. Forgot you go to KState, seib. He means his novices are reeeeally good.
  6. Props ^.^ I think I have a new favorite post... except for the starred portions. Those are obvi wrong.
  7. Its twice the size, and the reverse of the national service aff from a few years ago.
  8. mschmitz

    Next Year

    I'd vote on that
  9. I'm not so much saying that no one but KU is nearby that can judge, but that 85% of the time its mainly KU judges judging, or mommy/daddy judges.. sorry about that, I should have been a bit more specific.
  10. Varsha Subramanyam / Nick Czarnecki I judged them round... 3 i think it was. Don't really remember which round was which. EDIT: The other team I was missing was Wichita East.
  11. mschmitz

    Next Year

    Nonunique... its already been done
  12. Which highlighting did you "read" on the PIC? theres both gray and yellow... or did you read both?
  13. If you are having trouble finding judges, I can judge. I'm basically the same as stat, except for the terminal defense on DAs part, unless its something like a no link thats pretty obvious. Edit: if you guys have any specific questions, just ask.
  14. Yep. If my bracket is correct, it'll be against hooch. (the hooch team that picked up over Dallas Jesuit DG)
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