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  1. I read weaponitis k as neg and the aff came back at me w two perms w their interp saying " How do I respond????
  2. We're doing practice debates rn in school (debate is a class where I live) and since class periods aren't long enough to hold an entire round, we're spreading the debate throughout two days. I'm the neg and we left off just before the block. I'm planning on kicking the Weaponitis K and T subs bc I don't think we're doing too well in those arguments. How do you properly kick an argument? How do you properly kick an argument you're losing? How do you kick out of a K?
  3. @gsnnation Oh okay! This helps a LOT, thank you! So a straight turn isn't necessarily a bad thing? I'm always confusing defensive and offensive arguments, so I could very easily be wrong. Also thank you for the example! Everything is starting to make sense now lol
  4. What is a double bind? Also, is a straight turn just when you say that x is bad but then you say x is good? I don't know terms.
  5. dude wth is circumvention i have no clue how to policy ahhh
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