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  1. as the title says anyone know how/where I can find this
  2. s/o to all the people who are still active on this site!
  3. its prob the one from U Mich from open ev
  4. DebateDude

    Morocco AFF?

    Well it’s Definitely T, they bought 72 NEW F-16s in 2018 and had almost a billion dollars in arms sales in 2019. As for adv I have no ide
  5. The admin hasn’t been on in a year+
  6. Read an interp about how fiated affs start in Congress being debated and by K’ing drones sales it gives them something to thing about... it’s unfair to evaluate an aff in a post fiat world because then they spike out of all Ks. Ks are here so we can criticize and talk about the world before we pass the plan.
  7. A. Your super lucky to have debate as a class B. You answer the offense and concede the defense C. It’s the same for a K in the 2nc as it is a DA in the 2nr. D. Pro Tip here: it doesn’t matter that you are behind, don’t kick them and make the 1ar spend time on them so it’s less time they have on the actual 2nr strat!
  8. anyone have cards that I can trade for that say that soft left impacts (genocide) is worse than nuke war? DM me if so!
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