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  1. First, as I said Greenhill LH got the bid at grapevine and even though they lost in quarters we all know they deserved to win that round and the entirety of the tournament. Additionally, Westwood BS is a one and done. I would be suprised if they got another bid but even if they do, their TOC record will not be pretty.
  2. Josh Leffler should have won the TOC, he was screwed by judges and his skill was not accurately portrayed there. He is definitely top 3 EASILY. Westwood is lucky I even put them on the list.
  3. Top 5 Texas Teams 1. Highland Park ML 2. Coppell DR 3. Greenhill HL 4. LASA EU 5. Westwood BS These are the teams that will be in semis of every Texas TOC. No other team has a chance at getting that far without having to lose against these teams.
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