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  1. Coppell DR was the last Texas team left standing at Greenhill so its fair to say that as of now, they are the best team in Texas. Its crazy that teams always know what Het's 2NR is (Equilibrium Link) yet still manage to lose due to Het's amazing 2NR's. However, I expect Muse to bounce-back strong at St Marks and make up for lost time in the race for the top spot. Westwood will be fairly consistent throughout the year - top notch prep and insanely good execution will make them highly competitive. Hebron had a phenomenal Grapevine tournament, especially since the 2N only joined Policy this year. Beat both McQueen and LASA EU + took a ballot from Westwood in Semis. Definitely a team to look out for in the future. Greenhill had a good Grapevine but not a spectacular one. Leffler can and will step up to fill the talent void, but he has to take it to the next level to out-power Coppell, Westwood, and Muse.
  2. Um ... so this aged kinda badly lol
  3. In all seriousness, Vishvak is a debater from Coppell who graduated last year. Thicccieee just likes to conflate him with Het Desai, who is the actual partner with Shreyas. Vishvak is a solid debater but when people mention Coppell, its most often in reference to Het and Shreyas
  4. I agree with the list but fr you did Westwood and Ugarte dirty. Yes I get you might be biased cause of your username but Josh was non existent for much of the 2nd semester last year outside the TOC and overall didn’t do anything spectacular and I haven’t seen much of Hurst to rank them above two proven and consistent teams. Yes, I still anticipate Greenhill to be highly competitive due to experience and coaching, but they shouldn’t be ranked at 3 without proving it first.
  5. With the long awaited graduation of Samar and Eckert who have terrorized the Texas circuit with their success, parity has been restored and the competition to be the best team in Texas is now wide open. The obvious three at the top from last year are Coppell DR (broke at the TOC and co championed TFA), Westwood BS (Championed UT and semied at Houston and TFA state), and Highland Park LM (who broke to Quarters of the TOC and return prob the best individual debater in the state). A not so dark horse dark horse is LASA EU (who are attending the Greenhill RR and have Ugarte who is a low key top 10 2a in the county + a top notch coaching staff). Outside these 4 is a group who any of them could leap to the top. Hebron returns 3 bid round debaters on all 3 of their top teams and Xain put the fear of God in Greenhill in TFA quarters last year. LASA IJ returns a bid pair intact and are one of the most versatile strategy teams in the circuit. Grapevine CW are the embodiment of unpredictability and could do anything from not break to final depending on the day. Kerr EN came out of nowhere to bid at UT and could once again exceed expectations. Plus you can’t forget the old guard - Leffler returns for greenhill in his timeless debate career, Jesuit HN is reunited once again, and even though Harris Wilsons trio of +1’s have graduated, St Marks will undoubtedly churn out talent since Sahitya has returned. Though, out of all of these, it’s Hebron I’m betting on making the leap, so keep an eye on Hebron BS, HL, and KP in the next few weeks. Note - I may have missed some teams so feel free to mention them as well.
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