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  1. oops. my bad. where on the wiki can i find their blocks tho? I can only find their 1ncs but none of their 2nc/1nr analytics
  2. Thicccieee

    2nc Blocks

    I need some 2nr blocks for the midterms DA. I can trade my 2nc blocks for ur 2nr blocks
  3. I need Vishvak's huge Bataille and Semiocap file. I heard it has amazing blocks but can't seem to find it on open evidence.
  4. I know Wilderson makes this argument as a popular afropesssimism alternative, though instead of calling it open-mindedness he called it Unflinching Paradigmatic Analysis. Check Coppell's wiki for cites (I know they run it often).
  5. Check Westwood BM's wiki for more information on this theory argument. I know that Muse gave phenomenal 1NRs on this theory arg with Vikas going for it in the 2NR. Check the quarters round of the TOC, I think they pulled this strat on NoBro
  6. We are all hiding in Coppell HS with Vishvak
  7. Bro I love spreading on the bus. It’s one of my favorite hobbies
  8. Dude same. My partner and I are also looking for a policy coach in the New England area near Houston. Lmk if u find someone
  9. I agree 100%. One author I think talks about openmmindedness is Georges Bataille. Jesuit runs this K a lot. You should look at their wiki
  10. Bro why r u obsessed with conflating Vishvak with Het dude. Ask any debater from coppell, Vishvak is Shreyas’ partner, although u might be right that he graduated and also probably right that Het is Shreyas’ new partner.
  11. Probably one of the best afropess debaters in Texas and (arguably) the nation. He goes to coppell and is partners with Shreyas Rajyagopal (he is the 2n). Last year he (and his partner) co-champed TFA and made it to Octos of the TOC
  12. Thicccieee


    Is that the one Het made during his time at UTNIF??
  13. Bro I have some intel that Jesuit is becoming a Baudrillard team due to them hiring Will Morgan so watch out for Garret Hall and Adam Nagorzanski for making a pomo leap next year. Rumor has it that they will become the next Stuyvesant-esque Baudrillard/Bataille team
  14. Thicccieee

    Pan K

    Ya bro no problem. Though my mistake. Frank Wilderson is for afropessimism not the Pan K. I think Pan writes the pan K.
  15. Bro I agree with you a lot. K debate (especially the way Vishvak does it) is useful for the community. After watching Vishvak’s 2nrs, he turned me into a believer of K debate.
  16. Y’all r all wrong. K debate is good debate. I used to be against K’s but after watching Vishvak’s phenomenal 2nr on afropessimism I have changed my outlook upon debate. Like seriously.
  17. Thicccieee

    DDI Files

    Does anyone have access to Coppell BR’s Dropbox. I know their afropess file is pretty good and I would like to obtain it before Glenbrooks so I can get that bid
  18. Bro can I join but not contribute pls? I can add open evidence files if you want since I have the premium access code to openev.
  19. Afropess is a very good K on this topic. Look on Vishvak’s wiki for more elaboration. Him and Shreyas were afropess (and Pan) K gods
  20. Thicccieee

    Pan K

    You are correct good sir. China threat is bad. Coppell RB ran this argument a lot on the negative during the immigration topic. Look into Wilderson as an author since I know Vishvak researched him a lot for his neg strat against most affs.
  21. I thought Coppell teams were Coppell RB (Rajagopal/Bandi), Coppell DK (Desai/Kashyap), Coppell RA (Rajamani/Arya), and Coppell GG (Ganesan/Gupta) with Coppell RB being A-team and TOC qualled due to Vishvak and Shreyas’ massive improvement over the summer.
  22. I’m Sorry. Am I missing something here? Who is Coppell DR?????????
  23. @VishvakBandi - Bro how r u gonna win grapevine with Shreyas if ur busy on cross-x instead of prepping. Jkjk. But i want to know who will be partners with shreyas after you leave cause I honestly thought u were a junior last year lol
  24. I heard Het got really good at UTNIF this year. His 1ar in the finals of UTNIF was phenomenal though I have not had the pleasure of hearing his 2nr, though if his 2nrs are even half as good as Vishvak’s 2nrs on afropess he is probably bid level now. I’d say y’all need to watch out for Coppell DK next year. Het + Arnav = at least 2 bids. Shreyas is also a good debater to watch out for though I don’t know who will be his new partner since apparently Vishvak was a senior last year (maybe Het might be his new partner.... I could be wrong tho since he is the only 2n I’ve heard about from Coppell aside from Vishvak). I think the best team in Texas next year will be Highland Park MB (they will probably take EG’s throne). Muse is amazing and his partner, Vikas, is a great rising junior. I think he got a bid last year but not sure. Anyways those r just my 2 cents and would love to see what everyone else thinks
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