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  1. Look up some literature that's critical of humanitarian arms sales. There's a lot of people out there who claim that humanitarianism is really just a guise for extending and justifying militarism. For example -- by reducing arms sales in one area, they're implying that arms sales in other areas are okay, or legitimizing other arms sales because they've "solved" militaristic arms transfers. They'll say no link because they're a negative state action, but the K itself. There's a link to militarism for pretty much every policy aff on this topic if you look hard enough.
  2. This is a pretty big question! I'd suggest going to Youtube and looking for lectures on this. I'll give some general tips, though. 1. Make an interpretation that argues your K aff should be allowed. 2. Give reasons why your interpretation is better for debate than theirs (called standards). Is it more educational to include kritikal arguments? Is your aff uniquely important to discuss? Think of some reasons. 3. Answer their specific arguments, and talk about why your standards are better than theirs. 4. Frame the round in terms of what it would mean if their interpretation was applied to all of debate. Make the argument that their interpretation creates a bad model of debate. 5. You'll want to make arguments why USfg action is bad -- state cooption, doesn't create the same result, etc. This is some very general stuff -- again, you should definitely search online for lectures or talk to coaches if you have them. I'm not an expert, but I hope this helped! : )
  3. I'd say don't BLATANTLY concede you're not topical... but you can make your no link argument anyways. If they haven't read T in the 1NC, they're unlikely to read it in the neg block -- and if they do, you can make the argument that that's unfair. Be aware of that though -- some judges could vote for a new 2NC T violation. It's also a question of knowing your judge. If they care a lot about stock issues, they may be more convinced by new T arguments in the block if your aff isn't topical.
  4. Check out some of the camp files from open ev! There's lots of different possible arguments to run there - and you can adapt them to be uniquely your position. That at least provides a place to start as far as research. That said, the arms sales topic doesn't have a ton of generic offcase positions - a lot of them are going to be more aff-specific. Here are a few ideas that should apply to most affs: - 2020 disad (plan boosts Trump credibility, makes Trump win, which is bad) - Fill-in disads (when the US stops arms sales to a certain country, another country will start selling them arms sales, which is bad) - Conditions CPs (instead of stopping arms sales to a country, only sell them arms if they don't commit human rights abuses, or make the country comply with UN rules) Biopower probably has a link to arms sales. Think about it this way: under a plan, the US gets to have control over whether a certain country gets to have arms sales or not. (That may be more of a link to US exceptionalism, though). IR theory is definitely going to be prominent as far as kritiks this year -- try doing some research on international relations and/or finding online lectures about it. Plus, lots of camps are producing K files that you'll be able to find on openev. I'm no expert, but I hope this helped : )
  5. varsitydebatebingo.com and novicedebatebingo.com are full of these cliches, they're really funny to use when watching rounds.
  6. As far as prep -- with Ks, you'll have the same debate a lot, which means that prepping is easier because you won't have to update generic DA uniqueness every week (depending on the aff, I suppose). However, it does mean that schools will have you VERY well prepped out and can potentially spring new arguments on you when you least expect it. In addition, find an aff that you like and understand! If you're really into the K aff, you're more likely to fully understand the arguments and beat teams who are less familiar with it. But if you have a hard time understanding deep K lit, a soft left aff might be the way to go. Hope this helps! Happy debating
  7. If you go on Reddit you can find a debate discord & try to get camp files/other ev from there! Also, especially for K lit, you can find sources from similar topics in college debate from a few years ago.
  8. There are plenty of debaters who read impacts likely to be prioritized by right-wing folks (ie, focus on economy or hegemony). The community might lean left, but there's still room to read impacts like this. However, if you're upset because of the rising prevalence identity Ks or not being able to run discriminatory arguments, then I don't really know what to say to you. I've learned a lot from being able to understand kritikal arguments personally. Could you elaborate on what specifically bothers you about the political atmosphere of the debate community? I'm genuinely curious.
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