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  1. I checked openev and haven't seen any 19-20 pieces of evidence, maybe I should refresh. Thanks, though!
  2. I've been writing some off case positions, even experimenting with a cp. I need help. I looked into biopower but couldn't figure out how to link it to foreign gun exports.
  3. So I was looking around but couldn't find any evidence trading. I'm opening this up to everyone but please try to avoid open evidence.
  4. I've looked up and down the internet but couldn't find any perm cards. I've found explanations and all that but I can't find any actual cards for a perm. Can you guys help me out? I need a way to answer PICs and that and PICs bad is all I've got. Thanks.
  5. My partner and I normally run T, politics DA, a PIC, a K, human trafficking DA, and court clog DA.
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