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  1. does anyone have any links to camp dropboxes since the wiki/ openev page for 19-20 hasn't opened yet? thanks
  2. Hey y'all. I know that the TOC is practically over but my circuit's having some post season tournaments on immigration (cuz you can never get enough practice lmao) ive done some scouting and the most popular aff is blood quantum. im pretty familiar with the aff but am having trouble coming up with offcase arguments. any help?? much appreciated
  3. Perm cards really do need to be specific to the pic thats being run. You don't always need a perm card, you can always just use warrants from their cards or your own 1ac evidence. Chances are that if they're reading a pic it links to the net benefit and the perm solves. You could probably also say that perm shields the link. Just make sure that you make reasons as to why whatever they pic out of is key to aff solvency. other than that, it really depends on the debate.
  4. Hmm.. it's a pretty weird (and p cool too) k to run. i wouldn't suggest running it at a tournament until you've given a decent amount of practice speeches on and against it (including multiple 2nrs). i would suggest taking the ^^ above files that others have posted and just reading through the cards (even the parts without highlighting) and annotating.
  5. ^^ That's right. sometimes judges flow the overview on t separately. It's helpful when you signpost by saying "t-proper" or "line-by-line" because judges know where you are on the flow and can flow better- ig you get better speaks. Distinguishing between the two depends on where you are debating- I've noticed that some schools in Georgia say "proper" and some schools in California say "line by line" - it really just depends on preference and habit.
  6. Hey y'all. I've hit this white nationalism DA at tournaments over and over again and keep losing to it. It's just saying that the plan (refugees) causes a bunch of whites in Congress to get mad, backlash and get nukes = extinction. I get that the i/l stuff makes no sense on how whites in congress get nukes on US soil, but am unable to come up with any other args for the 2ac. Any help?
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