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  1. doublebind

    Big Questions 2018-19

    Lacan / Freud's models of the Psyche would be really good neg arguments for this topic!!
  2. doublebind

    infrastructure DA?

    lollll yes
  3. doublebind

    infrastructure DA?

    how would you answer the infrastructure DA? specifically, if you're running hsi?
  4. doublebind


    So I'm a sophomore, going into junior year, and have only been to about 10 tournaments this year. We've only broken at 2 of them but broke at almost all of our tournaments freshman year (which is a big oof). My partner and I were wondering if the UTNIF 6 week survivor camp would be a good camp to finally get caught up to all the other sophomores in our circuit (dallas), and be a good camp obviously get better and get a deep understanding of the topic. If not UTNIF, what are some good camps that would get us ready for the junior year comeback lol