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  1. As stated in my previous post, I don't know if I will be able to attend camp this year, but am still optimistic about the situation. Does anyone know when the last day to sign up for UTNIF Skills session 2 is? I would like to attend camp with my partner and am hopeful that my parents will change their mind about camp soon. Also, does anyone know of any other small schools who would like to prep before the season starts?? I'm a rising senior at a relatively small school and would love to prep with other small schools!
  2. So my coach has made it clear that I will not be traveling next year if I do not attend some sort of camp. For some reason, my parents do not want to let me go to camp. I really need to travel next year, and this is really pushing me behind the rest of the debaters on my circuit. Do you guys have any tips on how I could get my parents to sign me up? It's getting later in the year, and a lot of camps are closing enrollment options and I really don't want to miss out on the chance of attending camp just because my parents think it's not a good idea. For more info: I would like to attend UTNIF with my partner, but the UTD camp could also be an option. Also, does anyone know when registration for session 2 for UTNIF and the general policy enrollment at UTD will close? (hoping it hasn't already closed 😕) Thanks!
  3. heyyo! so i go to a relatively popular high school in the dallas area, and the policy team at our school has gone to complete crap. our coach is trying to revive it, but now we’re left with a singular team. our coach offered to hire someone to come help us out (aka a private coach), but i’m not sure where to start looking into that. anyone have any info on how to find a priv coach in the dallas area?
  4. Hey! So I'm going to be a rising senior next year, and it will be my 3rd season in Policy Debate. A few things have happened over the years. I started off novice year with no experience but was one of the top 5 teams in my circuit. At the end of the season, my partner decided it was a good idea to leave the country for the whole summer, which resulted in both us of not attending camp. Not attending camp really screwed us over, as we went from the top 5 to only breaking at two tournaments this year. With the disappointment of this year, my partner has decided that he/she cannot keep debating, and has decided to drop debate next year. My new partner will most likely be one of our top novices, and he/she has already signed up for camp. Here's my problem. My Mom won't let me go to camp. I have talked/argued with her many times, and have failed to convince her. She isn't giving me good enough reasons as to why I can't go. She is also recommending that I also drop debate, as it will not be useful in the future. I really need to go to camp, as it's my senior year, and I have a new partner. Any suggestions would be super helpful!
  5. Which CX camp would you suggest? I would assume the scholars would be the most beneficial??
  6. We've got a lot of freshman on our team who were wondering if the Mean Green Debate Camp at UTD (the scholars one) would be beneficial for their sophomore year in debate. Does anyone have any thoughts on this??
  7. Lacan / Freud's models of the Psyche would be really good neg arguments for this topic!!
  8. how would you answer the infrastructure DA? specifically, if you're running hsi?
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