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    ld debate

    LD debate is based on values and morals. The two sides are the affirmative, argues for the resolution, and the negative, argues against the resolution. This is the basic structure. I affirm or negate The Value is (something) for example, morality The Criterion is (something) for example, Utilitarianism (you can sometimes run a role of the ballet or a role of the judge, but you usually don't run that) Contention 1 Contention 2 Contention 3 Please vote aff or neg You can also have advantages for the aff, and disadvantages for the neg. The negative also has Kritiks and counterplans. Both sides can run theory. The structure is, A. is the interpretation, this is saying the thing you believe is abusive. B. is the violation, this is saying your opponent did the thing that's abusive C. is the standard, this the saying why it is abusive for X, Y, Z reasons. D. is the voters, this is what you should do to the debater.
  2. piggywarrior1002@gmail.com By the way, what prep do you want us to contribute.
  3. Could someone please explain Kant to me. I find the philosophical arguments very interesting, but I don't get write or run it. Thanks!
  4. Could someone explain Kant to me. I have heard people run it and I want to learn it. Thanks!
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