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  1. Thanks! I'll look into that! I think one of my biggest issues during the fall champs was that I didn't understand my cards, so I'll be working on that a whole lot more!
  2. Thanks, I'll take you up on that offer sometime :)) Also, thanks for recommending Go Fight Win! In just the first video I learned a ton about impact calculus, which I had no idea about until now. It helped a lot!
  3. I started debating summer of 2018 and I only participated in one rookie and novice debate. However, due to the lack of varsity debaters on our school team and my current (and far more experienced) varsity partner's wishes of going to NAUDL, I was moved up to varsity off of 2 official debate league tournaments and one JV summer camp tournament. In December, I went to our debate league's fall championship, and I felt utterly useless because I didn't know how to properly flow, spread, understand spreading, do analytics, or answer cross x questions. I just kind of felt like dead weight for my partner -- I was only there to read cards so that she could prep during my speeches. My rebuttals were also utter garbage and at one point I needed my partner to type what I had to say on a google doc. How can I improve? I really want to do better but I don't even know how to spread or terms related to different AFFs. I'd really appreciate as much help as I can get, thank you!
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