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  1. y i think that the same applies to you as well- just because you can't make up your mind on k debate that doesn't give you the right to publish literature determined to shut it out for those that actually need it- while they may have been explicit (from your view), you're implicitly doing the same to entire groups of people
  2. not saying you can't have an opinion- but what alternative is there? complaining about k debate being bad isn't going to spark some revolution where the NSDA suddenly implements a rule saying 'no kritiks'- even if you have a large following (which tbh i doubt you do), k debate is inevitable.
  3. if you really wholeheartedly supported their args, why would you write a book about it being bad? Some K debaters actually use their args as a voice for themselves and their social location-think about that.
  4. I already cut a 1NC shell for this, as well as many links and stuff- however, I'm not exactly sure what to include in the 2NC portion of the file (like at's, blocks, cards, etc.)- i already have an overview done too. If anyone could help, that would be great!
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