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    Debate US should have files from all the camps here: https://policy.debateus.org/2019/06/policy-camp-2019-arguments-and-related-resources/ Hope I was able to help!
  2. The website debateus.org has released camp files. https://policy.debateus.org/2019/06/policy-camp-2019-arguments-and-related-resources/
  3. Excellent! Our debate might be a bit later than late-Februrary (more like early to mid-March) because of all the testing we have going on for us these next few weeks, but we'll keep you posted on when the debate will be. Your support means a lot to us!
  4. Hi! I've recently finished putting the rough finishes on what I'm calling the "Swearing Kritik". It's partially inspired from @macmc201 and @U_spread_I_extend from this thread: So I wanted to test it out. I called an old buddy of mine and he agreed to have a practice debate with me. Since I haven't been actively debating at public tournaments recently, we've decided to make it a throwback debate. We'll act as if it's May 2017 again. The resolution will be the China topic (a personal favorite of mine) and we'll use evidence that is only from or before May 2017. My friend will be aff, and he'll likely run the Space aff. I'll be neg and run the Swearing K among other things. We'll need several judges for our debate. The debate will start sometime in late February since early February is a busy time for me. It would also be good if you were somewhat familiar with the China topic.
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