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  1. @debategirl52 you DO NOT have my permission to record ANYTHING that I have EVER said on this site or this forum or this page or anything else.
  2. Sorry about your policy season... 2 things 1. try college kids. They could always use more money 2. Talk it up (the debate program) at school to all gradelevels and u will get more members.
  3. OwenK

    Poverty Topic

    The NDCA started in the 10-11 season
  4. Talk to your coach, Your coach might help you with the money part if thats it. If its that your mom is being stubborn, again talk to your coach because your coach has probably been in this situatuon before. As for outside sources that help your cause https://www.csmonitor.com/1985/0322/kspeech.html https://www.studyinternational.com/news/12-ways-debating-will-help-you-for-the-rest-of-your-life/ https://www.nfhs.org/articles/speech-and-debate-opportunity-should-be-provided-for-all-students/ https://yp.scmp.com/education/debating/article/109478/benefits-debate-can-help-you-succeed-all-areas-life-not-just https://urbanparli.org/benefits-of-debates Also Email College coaches if its a college camp your thinking abou attending because they again can probably help and most of the time are willing to help and definately have been there done that. Also, you dont have to go to camp as I'll DM you some places to get the evidence from camps. If your parents dont/wont let you go to debate camp, you can also just meet with coaches/other students and even your partner once he/she gets done from debate camp! You can find a lot of the things that help you in terms of speaking online and about the only thing you cant do is the seminars (if youve never been to debate camp before its the most boring part).
  5. 1. this looks fake 2. if you cant pay thats a school board issue... if you want refrence to this read the book (ironically) named "Cross X" Its by joe miller 3. are u sure your eligible? (http://nietoc.com/name-search/) if your name isnt in that database then your not... 4. WA to omaha isnt that far of a drive... no need to fly 5. Your gofund me goal isnt even enough to cover entry cost... not to mention Hotel's food travel and other things. 6. Again this looks fake and it looks bleak for you... Take it up with your school board... Also no one at NIETOC will care what your backround is (HARD TRUTH) sorry...
  6. need anything else just ask yees.docx
  7. OwenK

    Trump Base

    that is for an entreprenurship AT (2ac DA AT trump base) 2nc base is just an extention 2AC DA AT Trump Base.docx 2NC Base [EK].docx
  8. yea I pm'ed david as well
  9. How do we make this site better? Lets give us some ideas to push out to david and see... open to anything
  10. I know this was an old previously asked question but no one said anything so im trying again. Which security K is better? #1--Security K or #2--Security K Security K - Evazon - Murray.doc
  11. i just wanted to see how people would react... 😂 i dont plan on reading these in round... unless I need a thro.
  12. its not terrible its just saying facts that stand alone (cards) are bad because they have no context
  13. I want honest opinions on all of these docs that are attached. They are intended to be read as poilcy cards and if u like them say so and feel free to take them! facts bad.docx white privilege K.docx bullying K.docx Rosa Parks.docx
  14. argue that cont fiat is bad for db8... if theya are allowed to do this its round abuse. And yes Buracratic fiat is like fiating a DOJ decison or presidental approval.
  15. OwenK

    T Proper vs. T

    its just an old philosophy just how some old school coaches do it
  16. OwenK

    This site

    While that's great David and all, we all (even more so you) need to make a decision, either openly say you want to sell the website or promote it. (This is the BEST policy website all over the web. People can get help when they need it and ask questions but the thing I would do is sell the site or improve it and get more users. I think that I speak for most of the active users on this site when I say this that we aren't forcing you to sell the site but either try to get it back to early 2000s levels or sell the site. I think the site can be improved by letting the active users have more of a moderating role... Also open it up to suggestions... see what the users want if you keep the site. We just want to maintain the best policy site on the web.
  17. why dont you make more people mods?
  18. Literally, if you have any sort of a competent judge continuous fiat is bad (fiat bad in general) because it just allows the aff to say fiat, fiat, fiat, fiat, so the arg there is its bad for db8 Also side note here is another really common type of fiat and how to answer it
  19. 1. anyone know why my posts need to be approved by a moderator and if/when they will 2. are there any active motderators on this site 3. How can I become a moderator
  20. 1. anyone know why my posts need to be approved by a moderator and if/when they will

    2. are there any active motderators on this site 

    3. How can I become a moderator

  21. Ok here it is Durable Fiat Interp: The aff can fiat the action of the plan getting passed in Congress, but not that it is enforced by the current administration 1. Process DAs and Circumvention are key neg ground—unlimited durable fiat eliminates Politics DAs which hurts small schools that rely on generics and means we can’t test the political solvency of the aff 2. Most Real world—passed policies are revised to fit different needs, the aff needs to defend plan implementation, and since immigration is a highly politicized issue, fiating away political implications is unrealistic 3. Infinitely regressive—fiating away the implementation of the plan justifies fiating away any implications of the plan, allows them to no link out of all of our DAs Our interp isn’t abusive—the aff can still argue that the plan is popular or unpopular and that it won’t be rolled back
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