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  1. Exactly; David (who owns the site) is the only one who still has mod powers. He is the one who can change the immigration topic to the arms sales topic. He has been inactive for almost a year now. Hence the need to create a topic within a fourm for the arms sales topic.
  2. The only mod on this site has been inactive for almost a year now. You can create one...
  3. OwenK

    I'm sorry.

    I think that could happen. I am down to trying to help!
  4. OwenK

    Spark - Fully Loaded

    it is! thats why I want this one free so I can compare and get the best of both worlds
  5. OwenK

    I'm sorry.

    Really? But I do like the idea that we can come together! Do you have any suggestions. Also, Please dont go after me. Lets find a way to resolve this.
  6. Anyone wanna go neg on the arms sales topic? Reply here or dm me if so
  7. UTNIF is still open. UTD is about to close. As for your parents make it clear what your coach has said and make your coach tell them the implications. Try to agree to a deal with your parents, (i will pay xxx if you pay xxx). If nothing else, make sure they know the implications and what it means to you. If your parents do not agree, try to find a closer camp or less expensive? If your parents dont let you, they dont let you. Hope for the best!
  8. I have a name you know. You could also upvote my answer if you're not gonna use my name ...
  9. OwenK

    Spark - Fully Loaded

    Make it free? 250 is outrageous because there is something on this site that is the same and maybe a little better that's free so you might as well make it free...
  10. Process CPs -- This is a counterplan that changes the process in which the plan will be passed. Common process CPs include asking other countries if they like the plan before doing it or having the president issue an executive order to do the plan. A consult CP is just what it sounds like. The USFG should consult xxx and only if they approve then do (in most cases the plan)
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