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  1. you keep mentioning his name @Thicccieee could you explain to me who he is?
  2. OwenK

    Pan K

    Can someone explain to me the Pan K? Is it a K of IR? It’s just China as a threat bad am I correct about that?
  3. OwenK

    DDI Files

    its not open ev... its a thing a couple of kids came up with. its not on open ev
  4. OwenK

    DDI Files

    It’s not at all but it will be the best aff run on the circuit this year
  5. OwenK

    DDI Files

    Did anyone go to Dartmouth? If so id trade anything I have to get the Taiwan Neg that was put out. Everyone keeps saying that the Taiwan Aff from dartmouth will be un beatable...
  6. So that’s the legal trouble that David was talking about... Good idea, making him realize that he should sell it.
  7. OwenK

    Nuke war good

    Look this sounds really crazy and I already have the Nuclear Mathus file, but does anyone have cards or a file for impact turning Nuc war? I’ll trade just about anything on the aff side as I have a bunch of different countries, mostly highlighted. Just Dm me if u have them! I also have neg stuff if you want that. Thanks!
  8. We just need to find some way to engage with him, I am open for ideas
  9. DM me or reply here if you have any interest in talking about selling the site, we shall make a group to talk...
  10. OwenK


    You were thanks!
  11. This post remaining for almost 2 weeks proves that @David needs to sell the site EDIT: 3 weeks and counting...
  12. OwenK


    Hey everyone, would we be willing to provide links to all the camp files? Lets compile all of them here!
  13. Can you share the specific links to the specific posts that I said those things in? Also, my point was that you are a troll: you are trying to get a rise out of people! I’m going to see if I can block you! Nice knowing ya! also one last thing, where are you from? How do u know SMS debaters go after people and can you name one other EK school? If so who are you?
  14. @David you should ban @debategirl52 she creates a hazardous environment here at Cross-X. Please help keep the remaining members of your site by blocking this troll https://www.cross-x.com/code-of-conduct/ she violates the standards
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