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  1. Domestic CP is a pretty common one, but teams that run nurses generally have that blocked out. Telehealth CP is also good as long as you 1. argue that care is specialized (since they could argue that only nurses provide individualized care) and 2. leverage how it gives rural solvency (so you can use solvency defense on case as an NB)
  2. I say why not just run nonrev since there is a lot of T def against it (especially if you read a Tasoff 16 interp) If you do want to cut something, I say go through some court cases on grounds of inadmissibility (section 212 of the INA)
  3. First, Rantaro is bae, but the real question is if robots have... nvm Anyway, for T, you never have to explicitly concede it. The only reason you have to concede an argument is if you think they could generate offense on that flow, like if they turned an impact or link. On T, people generally won't turn standards, and judges are probably not going to vote on T is a rvi. Also, though I'm rehashing a lot of people, the 2nc and 1nr essentially function as a single speech since there is no aff speech between them. Judges probably won't flow CX, so you have no worries for the 1nr if the 2nc did extend T. Also, for the block (2nc and 1nr), I recommend dividing it as 1. K and case for 2nc; T for 1nr or 2. DA, CP, and case for 2nc; another DA or case (if not in the 2nc) for 1nr There are better strats, but this is a generic one that works against most affs
  4. If you want to run ASPEC, use Elmore 80. Even if they contest that it's not a voter, you can still use it as a solvency takeout. Also, if you're going to make an arg on the number of immigrants let in just run T substantial (though I would recommend not to unless you think you can adequately argue a clear brightline) What aff(s) are you going to run it against?
  5. Then frame the debate around the people's lives at stake. If you're running a hard right DA, do impact calc as part of your OV On magnitude: show that your DA causes the greatest amount deaths (util framing) and turn their morality framing by saying translators die too On timeframe: translators die before they can even apply for visas On prob: if you have a GPW impact, find some empirics Also, do turns/solves case analysis You could also run CJR DA or something and access their framing, but it's probably about to die soon On T, if their implementation is anything except reducing quotas, run T restriction is not regulation with a Tasoff 16 interp. If you decide to go for it, flesh out extra T, which most SIV teams are.
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