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  1. So kent denver is mentioned a lot in this thread as having gone to DDI but all ill say is that West LN and AB have consistently beat kent denver and the LN and A have all gone to berk for camp sooo
  2. hey so I'm like dumb or something and am kind of struggling to understand the full impact of Baudrillard's book symbolic exchange and death so if anyone would like to explain it or point me towards resources i can use to understand it that would be awesome. ty ty
  3. Alternatively, you could realize that soft left affs are viable and not impossible to beat. if they actually stopped a debate from occurring no one would use camp affs like HSI. Unfortunate to see someone from St. Marks make such a lackluster response.
  4. Obvi I dont know what the nurses aff you deal with says but the one on my circuit is super easy to beat with T tasoff
  5. Hey yall, I'm trying to cut better at cutting soft left affirmatives, I know about soft lefts like public charge and asylum seekers but the problem with those is that most competent debaters already know who runs those and what they are, I need help finding super obscure topics to write an aff such as west BN's consular non-reviewability So with that being said, Any tips for finding the aforementioned obscure topic literature?
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