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  1. Avery

    Queer Fem K

    This coming year, my partner and I would like to try something new. We would like to run a K aff or just a K. We would like it to be not only, queer but also fem. If this is a possibility what authors should we read into. We both really like Butler. If you all have any arguments or Article/ books that I should look into please let me know. Feel free to email of message me Thank you so much Avery
  2. Avery

    New Case

    You could run Emergency refugee status. The plan text has to be crafted just right. Your T blocks also have to be really good. If you can successfully do it. It is really good, it doesnt lnk to many Cp's. I ran it with a detention adv.
  3. Avery

    Fight Club Kritik

    This is woke, is it alright it I make my own club, maybe invite Judith Butler into it?