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  1. So as far as kritiks and kritikal debate, I have a general idea of what the argument is, and can run some rudimentary ones no problem, and seeing as I'm a Division 3A HS debater in Texas, running up against kritiks in genuine competition is exceedingly rare. The issue is, for the past two years, I've qualified for state and have gotten absolutely hammered by kritikal arguments that I don't know how to respond to due to the fact that I can never understand what the living f*** they're saying. Maybe it's just me, but when I hear my opponent pumping out large words that I've never heard and all this philosophical rhetoric, my brain shuts down and I always lose to these kritiks. Cross-ex doesn't really help either because when I ask my opponents to clarify, they use the same convoluted terms I didn't understand in the first place. Just putting this out there wondering if anyone else has experienced these issues or if anyone knows ways to figure out what all the kritikal arguments mean
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