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  1. ThatOneGirl

    New Case

    Honestly, I have no idea, I'm in Nov. Policy in Montana, so it's not like anyone is actually taking in account anything new that's happening
  2. ThatOneGirl

    New Case

    That's what my current case is, I just want something that's a little less common, I think I'm gonna do something about climate refugees though.
  3. ThatOneGirl

    Question about what something means? Ask here!

    Thanks this makes a lot more sense than when the older guys in my school tried to explain it to me.
  4. ThatOneGirl

    New Case

    I'm currently trying to write a new case because the one I'm currently using, I didn't write. The case I started writing was really bad and I can't turn it into an actual useable case, I've looked at it recently and I'm just confused about what I was even doing😂, sooooo I need a new topic. I just have no idea what to write my case on, I have about three weeks until our my next competition, so it has to be kinda easy, but not easy to dispute, any ideas?
  5. ThatOneGirl

    Question about what something means? Ask here!

    How do you run a CP, I have one that I got from open evidence and another that I got from a varsity team at my team, but I have no idea how to run them. My partner and I tried once but we got demolished, we also didn't really know what the CP was really talking about so that made it worse. Do you think we should use CP or just stick to attacking the AFFs case?