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  1. the double bind version is much safer
  2. the rosa parks thing isnt bad needs a better card for a warrant maybe id be real careful
  3. this is interesting i was considering adding this as a plank to an aff i already have
  4. you have to take out their framing from the 1ac, i usually prefer to take offense off the affs own framing, and then maybe propse different framing to put them in a tough spot
  5. yeah but it's better to argue the plan would end up making immigrants less safe, because that would turn case gives a strong nb to the canada cp
  6. why did this get 4 downvotes that's is honestly a really horrible analogy to use, so yeah maybe don't use that card
  7. btw disads against U visas should only be ones that turn case, like Trump base or Nativist backlash CPs should be like HIRA or Canada, or some actor cp Good Ks would be Cybernetics and Impreceptible Movements, and i guess afropess with it's ethics args
  8. that's at least a reason to say drop the arg you could argue that the neg should not use authors with such bad opinions and U visas in particular is for domestic violence victims, so the K would be saying that putting this as a zero sum game is unethical
  9. Yo so i hear that some people use discord to talk about debate where would i be able to grab a invite link?
  10. Process CPs can win it's just a bit of work to do but there's only one good one this year, as far as i can tell the HRIA CP
  11. Warren's essay, Black Mysticism: Fred Moten's Phenomenology Of (Black) Spirit at the very least you can cut perm cards for a moten aff i found the tags in the Quantum Life aff on openev
  12. there are Warren cards that argue that Moten's ideas are valuable, he even supports the paraontology thesis i think so yea, you get a lot of clash from paraontology
  13. Hard Right - Collaborators, MAVNI, AI I Want to run policy but not sound like a neocon- Conrad 30, DREAM or DACA, Refugees Cool progessive policy affs- Public Charge, Queer Migration, Blood Quantum, Diversity Visas, Open Borders (there's a fem one too), Gender Asylum The fun stuff (k affs)- Moten, Quantum Life, Set Col, Buadrillard, Leprosy, Model Minority, Middle Passage, you can either write these yourself, or maybe grab them off openev
  14. sounds like a decent PIK for soft left or K affs if they have a pyschological impact, you might be able to spin this as a case turn
  15. ^ absolutely this in fact Moten is probably the best answer to Warren, but you probably can't fit that in your aff
  16. it is pretty topical the whole aff is honestly pretty solid however if you don't have a firm grasp on the aff, don't run it in the attached file under 1ac preformative revoultionary fiat you'll need to cut some cards on the pfr apparently some are already cut, but im not sure where to find them Leprosy K - Full File - Wake 2018.docx
  17. always go for uniqueness overwhelms the link, if possible
  18. first off, always perm, even if you just say "we can perm their alt"
  19. Wait are you doing a K aff? if so find answers specific to your topic if you're able to elaborate on your aff, i might be able to help you quite a bit
  20. ok, so you should try to figure what you like the most also consider doing more than 1off i normally do up to 6, depending on how long the cards are, and how good my opponents are 3 or 4 is a much better starting point do like a cp, da, and something else if you prefer policy if you prefer Ks you can get away with just that if you find a good generic one, but i would also throw in like T or something
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