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    Looking for files [The bullshit kind]

    yo can i get the popped collar k, and the doubling k
  2. AlistairTheKDebater

    Looking for files [The bullshit kind]

    yes plz
  3. AlistairTheKDebater

    Looking for files [The bullshit kind]

    *cross ex starts* ok, so which one of you is the little spoon?
  4. AlistairTheKDebater

    Russell K

    ok, this seems cool, but what the hell does it mean
  5. AlistairTheKDebater

    HELP: Translators/Moral Obligation Dilemma

    yea the NB to HRIA is that it sets precedent for human rights review, which prevents authoritarian backsliding, which would lead to war there are some other net benefit cards for that cp too Yes, and that it's unfair to the neg because then if your card is specific to a certain agent,the aff just say they aren't using that so that would make the aff a moving target also not specifying the agent destroys the negs ability to run agent cps or agent das so you have fairness arguments mainly
  6. AlistairTheKDebater

    HELP: Translators/Moral Obligation Dilemma

    HRIA Cp should work uh if the plan doesn't list the actor, run A-Spec
  7. AlistairTheKDebater

    Queer Fem K

    natalism is also something to look into for any queer intersectionality yea, i like it more mainly because im biased im a bit of an anarchist, if you couldn't tell by my sig
  8. AlistairTheKDebater

    Queer Fem K

    that wouldn't make any sense now that i think about it ill get a passage in a bit
  9. AlistairTheKDebater

    Queer Fem K

    meant to quote this in my previous reply
  10. AlistairTheKDebater

    Queer Fem K

    don't think it doesn't i hope not bædan is better anyway tho
  11. AlistairTheKDebater

    Cap K Commodification Answers

    are there any Culp tags?
  12. AlistairTheKDebater

    Cap K Commodification Answers

    yea, id also love to help, but a card or author would help
  13. AlistairTheKDebater

    Question about what something means? Ask here!

    what cp are you planning to run? in order to argue and win with a cp, you need to have a net benefit over the aff plan and the perm (doing some combination of the cp and the aff) some cps have nbs directly tied to them, others need to be ran with a disad
  14. AlistairTheKDebater

    best k aff for next year

    speaking of cap,why aren't there more anarchist k affs, there's a wealth of material to use, and perming most Ks is possible depending on what particular ideology you start from what are you all's thoughts on this?
  15. AlistairTheKDebater

    Satire Good: The Official Onion File

    any tips on what to run the shells with? or more tips in general for this file
  16. AlistairTheKDebater

    debate cliches

    judges that vote on single issues, completely ignoring impacts, even though there was absolutely no fw in the round to support this, also judges that just listen to the aff on presumption as long as the case sounds like a good thing, even when it links to a K, and the aff read cards to answer the wrong cp, so there was literally no reason to even flow it tl;dr lay judges that don't understand simple impact calc no offense to good lay judges
  17. AlistairTheKDebater

    Does anyone have disad(s) to this Aff?

    you can do a militarism k, PIC out of the provisions for miltitary service, and run a MAVNI disad the files for this are on open ev
  18. AlistairTheKDebater


    run a k and attack their solvency more details would make this easier to answer like it usually depends on the aff you're up against, because they might have framing specific to their advs
  19. AlistairTheKDebater

    Looking for Zerzan/Anarcho-Prim K

    i can help you make this, but i definitely wouldn't center this around Zerzan maybe Pelrman actually a K written like AHAL would be lit this is great too because i was meaning to do this myself, but helping someone else write this K would be cool too
  20. AlistairTheKDebater

    Insane Kritiks

    the fight club k isn't insane, but its fun as hell 9666FIGHT CLUB REMIX.doc
  21. AlistairTheKDebater

    Thanos Kritik

    sounds like Malthus
  22. AlistairTheKDebater

    Queer Literature

    oh read bædan and Against The Gendered Nightmare good alt cards in there and maybe some other stuff
  23. AlistairTheKDebater

    fully prepped out K?

    Buady is too much for my brain if i want to run a K from a problematic author that makes no sense, I'd run timecube
  24. AlistairTheKDebater

    how to start prepping my novice partner

    Teach them basic Kritiks, those trip novices up when they're unfamiliar with them
  25. AlistairTheKDebater

    How many off cases do you usually run?

    TVA is a topical version of the affirmative