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    I am a scholar. I get very amazing grades, and I am a debater. I want to get a debate scholarship later on in life so I am looking for professionals to help me in the process!
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  1. KalmKenzie


    did you ever get your answer?
  2. I am at a national tournament and many judges voted for the other team because of their preferences and biases, however, I'm not complaining. One judge said that she voted Affirmative even though they dropped and conceded and didn't explain many arguments, and my coach said that coming out of the last rebuttal we need to articulate why the judge should vote for us. Can you please help me formulate an overview of why I, as the Affirmative, would win using my advantages? I will give credit where it is due, thank you! I'm running the Dream Act
  3. Yeah, my partner reads fast so I'll communicate that with him. Thanks alot!
  4. Okay! Thanks for your help, I will take it to account!
  5. Also, can someone tell me how to change my placing, I'm not in Novice
  6. I recently went to a debate tournament with my partner and got 0/2 wins. The first Judge was understandable, however, the second Judge wasn't. It was a new Judge filling in, I assumed it was a Parent Judge. My opponents ran two off cases and dropped both throughout the Neg Block. Although my partner and I pointed that out to the Judge and articulated to the Judge why blah blah is good and blah blah is bad, we still lost. Can you help me understand the mindset of Judges to allow me not to make the same mistakes again? Thank you!
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