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  1. @mackarymuffin I admit I was in the wrong about the slander and I apologize for berating you. Obviously, your success this year shows otherwise and I hope to see you do well. However, your position on disclosure is absurd and I will call you out on it. 1. "nobody has a right to it and disclosure comes from an urban privileged perspective" This is incorrect, if anything, disclosure favors small schools who don't have access to the resources that big schools have, i.e. small schools using MBA's open sourced prep because they simply don't have the resources that big schools have. Think to yourself, what benefit do big teams have by open-sourcing all of their files? None. It's there for small schools who don't have the resources to prep out every nit-picky big school AFF so that there can still be clash and they aren't always losing due to a lack of prep. Big School's don't care because they always have a backfile to answer any new AFF wheras Small Schools like NL don't have prep-coaches to do everything. This is simply absurd that it's from an "urban privileged perspective" because that very norm is what allows you to not have the fear that all your prep goes to moot at a tournament because Greenhill reads a new AFF. Also, yes it's not a right, but it is a norm. With that logic, big teams have a justification for not disclosing because it's not a so-called right. 2. "im too lazy for the wiki" Yes, I can tell. Not something to be proud of especially since it restricts people from prepping you out. You only have one AFF disclosed but have read 3 AFF's this year (from what I know). This laziness is what moots everyone's pre-round prep because they are all prepping Open Borders when in actuality you are either reading Public Charge or Adjudicators. You stating your AFF's on cross-x doesn't do anything because other schools who don't use cross-x can't see. If you want proof, look at this screenshot. I am not trying to denigrate you but this is a problem. You probably are a great person Zach and sorry if I'm coming off rude but this is just absurd. If this thread is sprinkled with elitism, you are complicit within it. Your strategies of mis-disclosure are elitist and hurt's small school prep.
  2. @elmeryang00 I agree with you mostly but there are some places that I disagree with. North Lamar is NOT a good tech team. Their strategy consists of misdisclosure and not disclosing, reading multiple contradictory offs, and neglecting to answer the line by line or just having horrible answers to them. They do not deserve to be anywhere near the top teams in Texas. St. Marks RV and Highland Park LM are not the best teams in Texas. Greenhill LW is better than St. Marks RV. Muse is a phenomenal debater but he doesn't have Kapadia anymore and is debating with a Junior who is holding him down. Hebron KL may be held down by Loyd, but Sunil is a phenomenal debater. 1st Speaker at Grapevine TOC and made it to the bid round at Greenhill - the decision took one hour, that's how close it was. Yes Grapevine might've been the easiest tournament but it is also the first tournament, which means teams don't have the time to build chemistry. If teams like Hebron KL, Hebron LB, Greenhill LW, Greenhill KR, etc. are making it to the bid rounds at better tournaments such as Greenhill, Meadows, and St. Marks, that just proves the beginning was a rough start but not an accurate assessment of their skill. Also, one team I see that isn't here is Woodlands MR - they just got the bid at Michigan. Also, Elmer mentioned this but I don't know why Coppell DR wasn't on the original addendum to the list. Also, two LASA teams got bids at Grapevine.
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