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  1. I am stuck on coming up with statistics for the topic of H-1B Visas, Trump Base, and Brain Drain. Please help
  2. Like how a cross x question should start for example Are you saying you agree with us... or What is your evidence to... or But why would you say that...
  3. Are you saying that you are agreeing with us? Are you stating that Trump will shut down the plan, causing what we specifically just said will actually happen? *Answers* On page 180 it states that though, and in H-1B visas AFF it just shows that doing this will actually have a better lean into having a pandemic, so how does your plan help the planet? How is your statement beneficial for the world, it’s population and progression? What is your evidence that “Pandemics Don’t Cause Extinction”? Do you have physical evidence? And if so, what is that specific evidence? (for 1AR Harms (doctors)- Answers to “Pandemics Don’t Cause Extinction”) Of course, we don’t think that pandemics will wipe out the entire globe, but considering your examples this pandemic may wipe out a large population of people. Do you not think that a pandemic will wipe out a large number of people, or do you not care that a large number of people will die, and only care about if our population will go extinct? (for 1AR Harms (doctors)- Answers to “Pandemics Don’t Cause Extinction”)How do we know, and what proof is there that immigrant doctors did not find the cure for many diseases, like the ones you just mentioned? However, how we even know that immigrants did not even help to fix help problems and what proof is there that having immigrants there will not have an effect?
  4. I have already thought of 2 but I want to see if you guys can help me think of more.
  5. I just can't seem to think of any CX questions to ask and I think Tournament 1 is soon :(
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