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  1. How exactly should a 2AC answer a Framework shell?
  2. How do you respond to K advantages when your neg. (Like Xenophobia racism deportation)
  3. Does anyone have a healthcare high now card?
  4. Does anyone have neg cards for the DREAM Aff (The U.S.F.G should pass the Dream act of 2017)
  5. Ok thanks, I also have a debate tournament soon (All my debate tournaments decide whether or not I go to Harvard Kentucky and Texas to debate so this helps.
  6. As Aff, I usually ask Why should we be scared of white supremacist who dont like immigrants? What is a trehehold of a nuke war happening What is the brink of the disad (Most disads are missing the brink so u could make that a big deal in the debate almost everytime I have I've won just make an impact to them having no brink in the disad)
  7. Would you mind sharing those to cx questions my 2nd tournament is in a week? But if your running an anti-eco disad say do u boost the economy Midterms da-Will the U.S.F.G get credit for this (This will help set up that the Demo will lose the midterms because Trump will get credit for passing an immigration bill) Base DA-WIll The whole U.S.F.G get credit for this? This sets up that Trump will lose his Base because he will get the credit and his supporters don't like that
  8. Does anyone have eiv to show racism can never be fully stopped? Thank You!
  9. Does anyone have a neg strat that they could share against a travel ban Aff. (Plan) (ALso no Topicality cards please) Their plan-The United States federal government should substantially reduce restrictions on legal immigration by removing the Tier III designation for terrorist organizations in the Immigration Naturalization Act, discontinuing Presidential Proclamation 9645 and raising the refugee cap to 110,0
  10. Does anyone have cards to show bioterror isn't likely/wolnt cause extinction the Aff is saying because we have a healthcare shortage a bioterror attack is more likely and will cause extinction (I don't know why I don't have cards for that I feel embarrassed)
  11. You have no idea how much I needed this for my debate on Monday
  12. Does anyone have evidence that a Nuke war is probable (for my base DA)
  13. Thanks so much, I'm using this argument (my debate is in 45min as I type this) thank you if people want to leave more suggestions though you can!
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