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  1. I think that if you didn't know your cards, break the argument into the points of U/q, link. and impact and learn each section and card that you have there. If you can stick to a few DAs and 1 Aff you can learn them well and if you know it well enough than most won't beat you on it. Look at what people have read against your aff and learn their arguments so that you know them better than they do. If you stick to your basics and do some practice debates/tournaments, you will get better.
  2. KDebater23

    Weird args

    I have a superhero aff AFF-MCU-MVHS.docx
  3. yeah the problem with this judge that I had, he didn't care about the arguments because he thought they were stupid from his own life experiences and voted because the other team sounded good at cx. The thing is that once you get up to jv or varsity you can strike judges on tabroom so that is what im looking forward to.
  4. Yeah, my partner and I were on the Neg and they dropped 2 of our off cases with one of them having turns to both their case advantages and I spent 3 minutes explaining how if the arg is dropped then it is, in fact, the truth in the debate and then the judge voted for them saying: "I like how the other team answered your CX questions". So now my partner and I have decided that we will just treat these judges as people who don't know the rules or anything and just go for their personal biases. I guess this could help.
  5. I would usually use "you" in CX and "they" or "the Aff/Neg" in speech times.
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