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  1. Thanks so much for the answer! I will definitely check out the link you sent. I have one follow up question about #2. You said to flow the 1NR, and I totally agree with that. I guess what I was wondering is how to do that efficiently. If my partner is using some 1NC flow for his 1NR speech, his flow will have some of the cards from the 1NC written, and he will probably reference some of those cards too. So how should I flow the 1NR given that I don't have any flow that references cards read in the 1NC that my partner will be extending in the 1NR? Would I just write down the author's name and the gist of the card based off of the explanation of my partners 1NR? Or if I need more explanation about the cards referenced in the 1NR, would I just look at it during prep? Thanks so much!
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    Hi, I have a couple of questions about flowing. 1) When my partner is the 1NC, I will be flowing his speech. After the 1NC, should we share flows considering that he hasn't flowed the 1NC, since he is the one who gave the speech? (i.e. he didn't write down cards or anything that he read on his flow, but I did) 2) When my partner is covering the 1NR and I'm the 2NC, should I be flowing my partner's 1NR? I have this question because if my partner is using my flow for the positions I didn't take in the 2nc, I won't have the args of the 2ac on those positions, because we shared flows. 3) When I am the 2ac, after the 2ac, should I use my partner's flow for the 2ar. This is because I can't flow the cards that I use during my 2ac, because I gave the speech. If I do use my partner's flow for the 2ar, how should I flow the cards that my partner reads in the 1ar, if he reads some? 4) Essentially, I just want clarification on how to flow with your partner during the round, as it is hard to flow the cards that you read during your speech (i.e it is hard to flow the cards I read in the 2ac, because I am the 2ac. Meanwhile, my partner can flow the cards I read.) Thanks!
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