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  1. I don't understand how you're not topical for the TVA Also if you're reading a K aff it probably depends on the author but most of them probably already write about why exclusion is bad
  2. I almost always run 1 off on the neg if running a K and I usually run K's. It's almost never strategic to run six off Edit: just realized this is policy and I do LD lol so disregard my opinions
  3. pieguy411292176


    Nah fam running DnG is good if you have a judge that understands DnG to respond to those three things a.) saying deleuze criticizes value systems is a very shallow reading of deleuze. I'd say he doesn't provide an actual ethic, but rather seeks to describe the world. He criticizes certain value systems but not the idea of them as a whole b.) Deleuze isn't only about limits c.) A good deleuze debater won't rely on microfascism bad.
  4. What does dta and dtd stand for?
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