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  1. Ive seen a somewhat topical way to increase lawyer hires here: https://hspolicy.debatecoaches.org/Brighton/Mercurio-Judkins Aff
  2. Thanks, i already had that card in my aff but those links definitely helped!
  3. Sorry, I've never heard that perm and I don't run security, but my first answers to that perm are 1. Severence - They have the ability to sever out of any part of their aff by advocating for any world (insert sev bad) 2. Intrinsic - pluralism is in neither the aff nor the Alt/Cp so the aff can't advocate for it (insert intrinsic bad), 3. Shifting advocacies are bad for debate, they can extend the perm in the 1AR and the 2NR is forced to defend against every possible world 4. I found a card you could cut to answer the perm, not sure how well it will work, here https://www.academia.edu/12957140/A_Researcher_s_Dilemma_-_Philosophical_and_Methodological_Pluralism
  4. If anyone has cards linking A) legal representation to detention B). Detention to supporting private prisons or C). Private prisons to structural violence (this should be the easiest one), I'd be willing to trade lots of disability lit relevant to immigration and/or detention
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