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    Struct Violence Framing Cards

    Does anyone have any or a decent source for framing cards on structural violence? Specifically about the economy and human rights?
  2. Tyler29

    2019 UIL State

    Predictions on who will win (or at least go far) in each conference?
  3. Tyler29

    2019 UIL State

    Most definitely Hendrickson for 6A -- any thoughts on 5A and lower? For 1A, it'll be between Gail: Borden County and Rankin JW. For 2A, I think Slocum HP, Jewett: Leon CR, Sudan MS, and Colmesneil MS are going to make up the Semifinals. 3A is definitely going back to Mildred JM but Buffalo GM will put up a fight. 4A is North Lamar HH no contest. 5A is between Mt. Pleasant CT and Lindale JS, but Lindale is incredibly weak compared to their predecessors.
  4. don't take this the wrong way but I highlyyyyyy doubt it. she stood up and started her rebuttal with "Judge, the negative team consists of white Americans, so they aren't allowed to negate multiculturalism." My only response was, "I immigrated from Sweden and speak Swedish from home... I have just as much of a right to negate multiculturalism as you do to affirm it... where does race come into this?" I'm pretty sure that's what cost me the round butttt I still advanced into out rounds so, I guess it didn't really matter. I'm pretty sure they saved it for rebuttals so I couldn't ask in crossfire, but šŸ¤·ā€ā™‚ļø
  5. No, it was two totally separate debates against two different teams at two different tourneys I don't think it was being bad K debaters. They were aff and I think were just trying to get a dig in. They were the same race as the judge and the judge already didn't like my partner and I because our coach had to interject and ask her if she would continue flowing (cause for some reason she just stopped in the middle of the 2AC. Like, didn't even try).
  6. The entire community has become this hostile, aggravated, constantly P.O.-ed dumpster fire. While the blame is mainly with the debaters (being, again, hostile, aggravated, and constantly P.O.-ed) the blame is at fault too with judges. I've been told I'm not allowed to have an opinion because of my skin color. I've been told that, because I'm autistic, I should be taken out of debate and placed in special ed. This debate did not go as smoothly as it could have, but fault also lies with those who chose to interject and poison...
  7. This is super hard to type out and way easier to say, but basically I'm going for that about 2/3rds of visas/green cards are given to family-sponsored immigrants (ie chain migrants) which limits the amount of non-family-sponsored immigrants that can come here. The MBI system would then be justified through the harms of leaving the current system and (if mentioned) the harms of increasing the number of visa/green cards given out. That's a tradition at my school... It's kind of a time waster to make the neg lose that minute or so. I've had some judges like it, saying it eases them into understanding the case, but I have mixed feelings on it. It's just there for the time being. I may take it out by State. I think it's being a progressive debater. I like the fear factors I don't see an issue with passive aggressiveness... I've never been voted down for that I'm a bit tired of seeing this... Anthony and I already discussed that. It's because you're progressive, I'm sorry. The easiest way to avoid it is to do what I do-- only use "judge," "opposition," "aff team," and "neg team." And if you gotta be specific, just say 1A, 2A, 1N, 2N. Sorry if this was upsetting anyone, I just didn't see the need to ask or know.... Sorry šŸ˜¶
  8. I was always taught that DA's are on-case and K's are off-case. I just didn't think about linking directly, it wasn't my top concern... Glad to know though! This is proof that I'm old-school. I know the pieces as Link, Brink, Impact. This is actually what my coach is working on with us during our next practice. I knew someone would catch it I usually say that it's a call back to my Barletta 18 card. I guess 'cause I'm in UIL, but that's just weird. We roadmap everything (as far as I know) except the 1AC I think I'm going to drop my funding. I debated on it early in writing the case, but I decided to keep it just in case. The advantages is a good point though-- I'll take out the funding. Yeahhhh most people don't like my rehashes. It's a habit of mine to keep from being undertime. I usually freestyle it with just some bullet points to hit, but some judges liked it, others didn't...
  9. Thanks for the feedback. 90% of what you mentioned I've already thought of and took care of when writing the case. Some of your points though are just from not understanding my point (probably because this is digital and I can't actually convey everything I'm thinking).
  10. Not at all, as long as they aren't like the ones from before.
  11. I'm cool with the RFD being public, though, any discussions I would like to be private
  12. Whenever the judge can, Iā€™d love to get feedback on the round
  13. I'm so sorry, Anthony... You were doing great-- I was honestly afraid of the rebuttals. I hope you're okay šŸ™ Excellent round dude
  14. šŸ˜‚ I'm the captain for my school's team. I basically drag my coach in every week.
  15. I don't let people sit in on my rounds for reasons like that. Discussions are for after the debate. That way you don't influence anything that happens.
  16. Cool with me. I've got debate practice till 5 anyway, so I won't get to work till late. (Love knowing people are thinking, "he's probably skipped all the practices based on the way he's debating.")
  17. Same mate, I'll start my AR asap, but I won't finalize it until the NR is up
  18. FT 8: Okay šŸ˜‚ I overlooked that somewhere somehow. FT 12: Let it be known to the judge that the neg doesn't know of a plan that involves Natives and his own state. No further questions Ready for 1NR when you are
  19. I'm in favour of locking the post until after the debate. I'm sure Anthony would agree
  20. As for the passive aggressiveness... that's an intimidation tactic that I was taught. It's second nature to use it, so... Anthony knows that anything said isn't a personal jab. We're understanding and get along perfectly fine away from this debate. Sorry if I came off as harsh or anything, I honestly don't mean any of it. Anthony's an awesome debater-- it's just a tactic that I learned at State to take down some bigger debaters.
  21. I'm an old school debater stuck in UIL, which hasn't changed since the 70's. That was the format I was taught and that's the common format among UIL debaters. This is edition #57 of that affirmative. The cards answer the crossfire questions we were hit with the most in mocks against our other teams. I understand if people don't like it, but it's my aff that I'm running the rest of the year. My coach has praised it through and through and has promised me it'll take me far. That's all I need
  22. You might have just not even apologized. "Unsafe" isn't the right word, it's the blatant disrespect you dished out. And you can't apologize with "I'm sorry but..." Just please move on.