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  1. Delta3

    Delete account

    I want to delete my account and there isn't an option. I've contacted David multiple times (and have never received a response). Can anyone help?
  2. Does anyone have any or a decent source for framing cards on structural violence? Specifically about the economy and human rights?
  3. Delta3

    2019 UIL State

    Predictions on who will win (or at least go far) in each conference?
  4. Honestly you are a fucking wonderful debater and those people who down vote you because they can't take some time to talk to you as a person need to fuck off, know we (me and my partner) love you and appreciate you. You are NDT material and never ever forget it♥

  5. This is super hard to type out and way easier to say, but basically I'm going for that about 2/3rds of visas/green cards are given to family-sponsored immigrants (ie chain migrants) which limits the amount of non-family-sponsored immigrants that can come here. The MBI system would then be justified through the harms of leaving the current system and (if mentioned) the harms of increasing the number of visa/green cards given out. That's a tradition at my school... It's kind of a time waster to make the neg lose that minute or so. I've had some judges like it, saying it eases them into understanding the case, but I have mixed feelings on it. It's just there for the time being. I may take it out by State. I think it's being a progressive debater. I like the fear factors I don't see an issue with passive aggressiveness... I've never been voted down for that I'm a bit tired of seeing this... Anthony and I already discussed that. It's because you're progressive, I'm sorry. The easiest way to avoid it is to do what I do-- only use "judge," "opposition," "aff team," and "neg team." And if you gotta be specific, just say 1A, 2A, 1N, 2N. Sorry if this was upsetting anyone, I just didn't see the need to ask or know.... Sorry 😶
  6. Thanks for the feedback. 90% of what you mentioned I've already thought of and took care of when writing the case. Some of your points though are just from not understanding my point (probably because this is digital and I can't actually convey everything I'm thinking).
  7. Not at all, as long as they aren't like the ones from before.
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