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  1. skim

    Summer Prep

    Our novice, you can figure it out yourself if you're going to Umich. Also I didn't know there was one.
  2. skim

    Summer Prep

    Hey all, Here's the situation: For next year, my school has four varsity debaters (2 post novs+2 varsity). We're pretty underfunded, though both of our post novs are respectively attending a 2-week and 4-week camp at SDI and umich. I'll be attending 3-week UTNIF. Basically ALL of our state opponents are going to 6/7 week camps, and needless to say I'm SCARED. Even with the 3 week camp, I want to do all that I can to prepare our team and marginally get ahead. For any of you who have attended 7 week camps/will be attending one this summer, what aspects of the camp do you feel like are the most valuable and get you the most ahead in the season? What do you recommend I do to try to match the preparation that camps encourage? Thanks
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