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  1. I accept your apology but someone else deserves it more, even if you werent trying to be rude try to keep it contructive like say "Oh the evidence you use was to ....." even " Hey the Aff can be misinterpreted cause of this section"
  2. All of you I hope you take time to reflect how bad this looks in any other context, let this sink in because even if you didn't mean it you just attacked someone based on political opinion, this nation is split right now and this doesn't help. If yall considered themselves then ask yourself what liberal ideals are and what the most important one is: Acceptance. I joined Debate to feel safe in my skin this is the only God Dammed place I feel safe to be myself the only place I can say my actual dammed pronouns the only place I can say my political opinion without feeling scared, what you guys just did reverses alot of that. I don't feel safe here, I don't want to feel this way and I feel weak for it but you guys made me feel worse, please take this not as a message of retaliation but as a plea, no matter how someone politiclly stands that you don't shoot them down cause we just become as bad as the people we hate. I know most of you get pissed when you see those "feminist" memes or those "libtard" memes but you just stooped just as if not more and I do forgive you, but the one you should say sorry too isn't me its Kasen and if you do not understand why that isn't my issue anymore that is yours
  3. 1) Dude, I know that you know just because any of us say we have Fiat in all reality the plan will not pass at least my K has impact because it uncovers and teaches others the harms and atrocities caused the United States. 2) Yes, and that is the point I made 3) Yes and what of it, the USSR fell and it was about the same strength as the USA 4) The K is Overthrow not "stop" overthrow 5) The US won't exist so hoe can something that doesn't exist get Brain Drained 6) Like I said the US will no longer exist and not get Brain Drained soooo that isn't an issue 7) This isn't a Civil war a Civil war is based on blood this is based on ideals. 😎 i did say im splitting the block 9) The Alt is mutually exclusive to the aff cause we overthrow the US how can the US make laws when it no longer exist, :pepothink: 10) The US doesn't have to accept it we are denying thier authority and existence that is the nature of our Alt 11) The judge wouldn't vote for a disgusting plan that perpetuates genocide of native bodies, it's thier moral obligation to vote neg. 12) Do me a big favor after this debate look up the term 4th world country, those are the poorest of the poor who die tue fastest, do you know who the hell they are... THE NATIVES BECAUSE OF SET COL THEY ARE STUCK IN POVERTY AND DYING AT THE AGE OF 45, WHY IN GOD'S NAME WOULD KEEP THAT STATUS QUO ALIVE
  4. Get out you joke, I do not go into your rounds to straight disrespect you so you shouldn't either so im going to ask you stay quiet, it helps.
  5. Dude leave him alone you seriously have no chill, i must ask you to sincerely piss off cause we are in middle of a debate, hold your comments after the 2AR
  6. got out of house 😄 so i could finish faster, this debate is too fun
  7. Going through some personal shit rn i should have speech done by 9 or 8 im so sorry todays been a hot mess
  8. ill have Neg done by tomorrow got after school classes so should be up by 6 or 7pm
  9. this one: Immigrants prefer Canada over the United States- the plan can’t overcome these reasons The Economist 11 (“Immigration: The United States v. Canada”). https://www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2011/05/immigration. LDonn Canadians are convinced of the positive economic benefits of immigration. Even unemployed Canadians will stoutly insist that immigrants do not take work away from the native born. This makes sense, as most immigrants to Canada are authorised under a "points" system tied to their credentials and employment potential. Canadians see multiculturalism as an important component of national identity. …multiculturalism was deemed less important than national health care but more important than the flag, the Mounties, and hockey. The necessity of bilingualism contributed to a broader public commitment to multiculturalism, which persists today. Other factors allow Canada to be more inviting. The country has little reason to worry about illegal immigration. CTCT
  10. 9) My response for 2 is my Fur 14 card is my link to your aff to the K, why do you keep choosing to ignore this link? 10) If I do not understand what an education debate is i want you to explain it to me and the judge and be as descriptive as possible as to make it clear. 11) I thought you were asking under the Alternative who would be in charge of the United States, can you please clarify that question and that was question 5 in our second cross ex 12) What makes evidence "OUTDATED", give me your interpretation of "OUTDATED" evidence. 13) Why do you bring up T i haven't once questioned if your plan fell in the resolution?
  11. Cross Ex I went to the source of your "The Economist" Card and it states "They may have a higher unemployment rate than native-born workers", isn't Canada what you are using as a base for your plan? If I can link immigration policy to the K then you are saying that the neg deserves to win? Are you saying that we are not having an educational; debate because we aren't fitting in the norms of what you see as educational? Where did I say something that even tells you that the USFG was not in charge; i want you to COPY AND PASTE WHEN I SAID THAT BECAUSE IF I PROVE YOU WRONG ON THIS IT SHOULD DECIMATE YOUR CREDIBILITY IN THIS ROUND. Why do you choose to ignore my characterization of my claims? You state "FAILURE TO BACK SUPPORT OF CLAIMS OF A RACIST AFF". I want you to go into all of my DA cards and list their years because you state "OUTDATED DA CARDS (ALL BUT ONE ARE 2013 OR OLDER),". Judge if they find anything younger than that 2013 card that too should be the nail in the head of their credibility and any analytical claims they make should be disregarded. If we can prove the US by their immigration policy changes leads to increased INDO-PAKI Conflict will you attempt to attack the claim instead of saying Canada looks more preferable? Would you like us to give a definition of USFG? i will have more follow ups
  12. 2) Ahh okay i get it now, I use India as a good example because each of the countries listed are ALSO experiencing BD 5) The Natives 6) do not claim We made those assumptions that the author's claims that so judge MUST keep that in mind. But to clarify I say EVERY SECOND THE USA EXIST IS EVERY SECOND NATIVE BODIES ARE BEING EXPLOITED AND MURDERED IF NOT PHYSICALLY THAN CULTURALLY. Prove to me that the US is not killing the Native bodies Physically and Culturally. 7) That is our Alternative my Simpson 14 Card 8 ) Does the aff use the USFG in any way; yes it does, so it does link, unless you say that your actors are NOT withing the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. 9) It is an example of a piece od settler ideology 10) No, that is our Alternative
  13. 1) The Aff links to Brain Drain because it incentives qualified immigrants to come to the USA. 2) Please rephrase the question, thank you 3) India in its current form is a foil to Pakistan and checks them, but that is because their economy is doing good so they are able to focus money to keeping them in check. Issues arise when Indian economy does poor and has to take the money they were able to spend on defense and now spend on the issue of brain drain thus giving more power to Pakistan and the threat of war skyrocketing. 4) Again, Indian economy down equals chance of Indo-Paki war up 5) Because it perpetuates the idea that the US owns this land and they can do what they see fit with it and that very ideology is what creates the genocide, thus your plan only pushes this agenda. 6) Yes, but do not try to characterize the round based on that authour's assumption 7) No, we are saying our Alternative is to refuse the power of the USFG and make it that it is no longer legitamite for that is one of the ways to create justice for the natives WE MUST TAKE THE AUTHORITY OF THIS CORRUPT GOVERNMENT AWAY. 8 ) Settlers and the governments they instituted, but in this case the USFG. 9) The link is that your plan pushes Settler Colonial ideals in every aspect of American life this is most apparent in the phrase "The American Dream", a dream for AMERICANS BUT WHAT SET. COL. SAYS IS THAT THE SETTLERS CAME IN TO BECOME THE NEW NATIVES SO THIS AMERICAN DREAM IN ALL REALITY IS THE SETTLER DREAM THAT WAS ROBBED FROM THE REAL NATIVES.
  14. okay got it will fix for later files :3 and i just edited my 1n to fix it
  15. I was spreading as fast as I could and got it to 1962 words in 7:57 1NC Ktyler vs Anthony SGHS.docx
  16. Also silly me I forgot to ask pronouns, Mines are Him, He, She, Her and I do not mind They, Them? May I ask the Pronouns of our judge aswell?
  17. Followup to 2. Let me rephrase the question, what is an estimated cost of your plan initially? follow up to 4. Again let me rephrase why is it that you want to abolish Obama-Care in the plan? Also what do you mean by point negated lol, you can just do that in debate where you just say Point negated your question is meaningless? Followup to 7. What constitutes someone being accepted into the US under your plan what is required of them under the Merit Based System? 8. How much money do we stand to make by abolishing Obama Care? Also getting the 1 NC ready should be done in an hour give or take unless I haul ass.
  18. CX: Is immigration the sole reason for decrease on jobs, if so why is that bad? You say the estimate cost of the plan by 2025 is "1.34 trillion" what will it cost initially? Can you give me the full cards please? Why is Obama Care Flawed and why can't it just be amended? How much money will be gained from the abolishment of Obama Care? Who will oversee the interview process? What are the qualification for someone to be accepted into the US? I will have somw followup question (max like ~3)
  19. Does anyone have the Nietzsche file?
  20. PM me if you need clarification for what happened ill try to answer it the best I can and again i have to say sorry
  21. I am so sorry judges and my wonderful opponent but i had an emergency pop up. U am gonna be in a situation where i won't have my laptop and cant do my NC or NRs so i ask that if I may forfeit. I am sorry for all of the inconvenience but this situation is a handful and i am sorry
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