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  1. Sounds like you can morph it to a K Aff ;3 Set Col, Anti-Blackness the whole shabang. As a policy aff I am left thinking is this topical to Reducing Restrictions, and if this destroys Neg ground.

  2. 3 minutes ago, debategirl52 said:


    You are a transphobe and I will tell you exactly why you sad sad sad person. You made a joke of people being misgendered which is something trans and nonbinary people like myself GO THROUGH YOU SAD PERSON. Dont you DARE make jokes out of things that trigger DYSPHORIA TO TRANS FOLK. You hateful hateful person I am disgusted by you.

  3. 33 minutes ago, StephenR said:

     For this example lets assume T is a voting issue.

    If you are aff, and the neg doesn't read any topicality violations in the 1NC, can you concede that your plan isn't topical to win no link on a disad? Or is that an automatic loss since you've conceded topicality?


    Its an auto loss.... but like just say you are topical and even if you aren’t that neg gave no reason that being non topical is an issue. Also the disad can still link (would need to see the flow to tell if it can) even if you aren’t topical! Remember a disad is saying your plan is doing something bad and will cause a terrible thing to happen, so by that logic just cause you say your plan is not part of this years topic does not mean it still doesn’t do the bad thing.

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  4. On 4/17/2019 at 7:27 AM, debategirl52 said:

    Those of you spewing hate are irrational. Also, thanks for assuming my gender and race.. WOW! @AnthonyUwU

    How am I assuming your gender when in your name it says debate GIRL also you try deflecting your obvious exclusion by mocking people WHO ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE DYSPHORIA CAUSE THEY ARE MISGENDERED as for the race thing, im saying you are defending that lily white style. You continue to be an ass and choose to not listen. You are pathetic.

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  5. Stop acting like the victim here. You initiated this conversation now face the music. You feel as you are being silenced cause you have people pointed out your BS and now act like the white people who say they are the victims black people silencing them in conversations. This is a can of worm you will never close! 

  6. 9 minutes ago, debategirl52 said:

    @AnthonyUwU - please try and see things from my point of view. if you don't want to try showing empathy, please refrain from bullying and spewing hate. i am a member of the debate community just like you. we should talk to each other with respect, not hate. 

    Hypocrite I swear, you have been rude to others and the moment I pointed out that you wanted to evict me from my home you use your emotions to shield yourself from any wrong! You have been rude to others on this thread! You seem to want to push the Idea that Policy Debate is being oppressed, and you are dead wrong. Neg has so many tools against K Affs like FW, T, TVA, K, DAs, and Case and K forces Policy Debaters to think how not to link to them and how to win on their case alone. Ks have done nothing but better debate as a whole. Ks have forced debaters to not be lazy and research, research, research! Ks have given platforms to those who did not have any prior, so I will say it again Stop acting like Policy Debate has degraded just cause we ain’t doing the Lilly White way. I will not be made to feel my style of advocacy is lesser to the White Mans no longer. You are open to critique and I am saying that your implications K debate is any lesser is the same method White Oppressors use daily even if it is covert or unintentional! 

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  7. 15 hours ago, debategirl52 said:

    @seanarchy - just because my opinion is different doesn't mean it is harmful. I simply propose a different venue for K AFFs. Another section at tourneys like LD or Puff. They need to make a K section. This would allow policy debaters to debate policy.

    DONT YOU DARE, You assume we are privileged to have other venues and you want to EVICT US FROM OUR HOME (Policy Debate) I AM NOT AS PRIVILEGED AS YOU TO HAVE OTHER FORUMS WHERE I WONT GET BEAT UP. Get Out Of Here With That Nonsense! You belittle advocacy that does not fit your EuroCentric model and I am truely disgusted. Please do the debate community a favour and please stop with your nonsense. I am sorry I do not fit your White Model of debate, Sorry I am Brown, Sorry I speak out against Oppression I have felt in debate, Sorry you got so mad because you couldn’t run a tight framework.....

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  8. 1 minute ago, debategirl52 said:

    @AnthonyUwU - On your first comment, I view publishing my views as the best way to fight for policy debaters. As you know, debaters love debate! So don't judge me for caring.... as you clearly do. Your second comment is far more patronizing than anything I have said thus far. No offense, but you aren't really adding any substance to this conversation. All you have brought to the table is sarcasm, judgement, and more attempts to silence me. Remember: Hope is harmony! Bye.

    I am pointing out you are being VERY contradictory and it bugs me you came off hella condescending. You were being rude with your post to Nick! Check👏 Yourself👏

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  9. 4 minutes ago, debategirl52 said:

    Hi @NickDB8 ... Although I am a little concerned that you have so much time to write a paper on K debate being good,


    On 3/19/2019 at 2:07 PM, debategirl52 said:

    I am writing a book on the state of HS debate

    I am concerned you have time to write a book about your opinion on the state of HS policy......

    He isn't being rude and also check who you are talking to before you talk friend so take your pointed tone elsewhere.

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  10. 16 hours ago, OutKTheK said:

    I'm a wee bit late to the party, but I want to say that the debate community should be more accommodating to people with different beliefs. I'm not saying that we should defend racism, xenophobic language, etc, not at all, but that we should take the time to actually talk to them about what they said/what they meant to say. Down repping someone because they don't understand something, especially when said person has said they have autism, is just about the worst thing to do in that situation. I'm not saying that you should defend what he says, agree with him, whatever, but it is called down repping FOR A REASON. It is not the "I don't agree button", it's the down rep button. It should be used when someone says something factually inaccurate, NOT to silence and discredit what someone with different political beliefs said. That is NOT debate. I have been heavily on the left side of the spectrum my entire life, but that does not mean I should go around forcing my opinions on others by down repping them. If you disagree with someone, you should TALK to them. Make an attempt to understand why they think some way. I already know I am gonna get down-repped, but I really don't care. This has to be said. Elmer is completely right, but even if the opposite was true, if the Trump administration is the worst thing to ever happen to America and black unemployment rates rose by 20 percent, it is STILL far better and more educational to talk about it than down rep it. Thank you.

    thanks love well said

  11. On 9/9/2018 at 6:19 PM, babusdewus said:

    tremendous dick

    Honestly mood, also THANK YOU FOR THE HELP i really needed someone to talk to me like this and lay it down straight and honestly thx, in ten times more hyped to judge so i can help this community more :3

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