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  1. AnthonyUwU

    Policy debate has fallen apart

    It harms policy debate by giving the tools to debaters to become self-advocates and by having the be their own person who shall not be tied to advocate for the USFG.
  2. AnthonyUwU


    USE IT Timer.exe
  3. AnthonyUwU

    Can I Kick T in my 1NR or is that abuse

    Thanks, I asked this when I was a dumb novice now I am a Dumb Varsity and this info is still valuable also they do yes they do also best boi is between Rantaro and Kokichi
  4. AnthonyUwU

    Any weird, but topical affs?

    Yup cause thats the jist of it so it takes on refugee cards and is good with ethics cards
  5. AnthonyUwU

    Any weird, but topical affs?

    Thats why I love refugees aff cause of all the clash
  6. AnthonyUwU

    Any weird, but topical affs?

    I would argue not all asylees are in US and this lowers restrictions for them to come and apply
  7. AnthonyUwU

    Any weird, but topical affs?

    You are tho
  8. AnthonyUwU

    Any weird, but topical affs?

    I recomened a nice Refugee Aff that isnt refugee 😮 its Particular Social Groups and its like Refugee but more flexible.
  9. AnthonyUwU

    Evidence Trading - 2018-2019

    Also I am looking for an Acedemy DA
  10. AnthonyUwU

    Evidence Trading - 2018-2019

    I have a good Set Col K Aff and Cap K aff, that cool?
  11. AnthonyUwU

    Nurses AFF- whats the deal?

    What the hecky is a nurses aff
  12. AnthonyUwU

    First Time Judge :)

    Honestly mood, also THANK YOU FOR THE HELP i really needed someone to talk to me like this and lay it down straight and honestly thx, in ten times more hyped to judge so i can help this community more :3
  13. AnthonyUwU

    I apologize

    Try to find ways to have Camps advertise this site as well and make yourselves more known to HS debaters. Also something cute you should do is have sponsered debaters where idk u give them deals on Evazon or hell even pay them to Rep Cross X with Stickers on thier laptops or Crates and maybe a cheeky pins. But ways you can better this site is find ways to have a Traditional Circuit voice here as well. But these are just some thoughts with the help of my Econ Teacher 😄