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  1. AnthonyUwU

    Nurses AFF- whats the deal?

    What the hecky is a nurses aff
  2. AnthonyUwU

    First Time Judge :)

    Honestly mood, also THANK YOU FOR THE HELP i really needed someone to talk to me like this and lay it down straight and honestly thx, in ten times more hyped to judge so i can help this community more :3
  3. AnthonyUwU

    I apologize

    Try to find ways to have Camps advertise this site as well and make yourselves more known to HS debaters. Also something cute you should do is have sponsered debaters where idk u give them deals on Evazon or hell even pay them to Rep Cross X with Stickers on thier laptops or Crates and maybe a cheeky pins. But ways you can better this site is find ways to have a Traditional Circuit voice here as well. But these are just some thoughts with the help of my Econ Teacher πŸ˜„
  4. He meant HIS pronouns shouldn't matter, Jesus don't try so hard to skew someone's words. And where he is from Anti- Immigrant rhetoric might be what wins rounds and he dead ass said his coach was who made the aff soooo. LAMDL gave us a Refugees Aff and Neg one of our cards is "Send them back" sooooooo what you see as Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric others might not see as such. You might hate what im about to say but idc, plz get off your soapbox and stop virture signaling and do not try acting like you know whatreal Anti Immigrant Rhetoric is until you have experienced and felt it cause i bet my bottom dollar you haven't. Downvote me I do not care, it just proves my damn point. 1 - Visas and Refugees Negative.docx
  5. We deligitimize the use of the word homophobe when you do stuff like this and it hurts my heart. You cannot cast the first stone by assuming he is homophobic if you don't even know if he is part of the community so i must respectfully ask you to delete your post.
  6. Hey stop trying to equate my communities Major issues to someone not asking pronouns and its understood if someone says they don't want to give thiers out you use gender neutral pronouns. Conflating the f word to a debater not needed to disclose probouns is soo inflammatory that you contribute to the toxicity. Do not and I am going to ask you this again Do Not charaterize KTyler as a Homophobe cayse you are dead wrong
  7. Honestly you are a fucking wonderful debater and those people who down vote you because they can't take some time to talk to you as a person need to fuck off, know we (me and my partner) love you and appreciate you. You are NDT material and never ever forget itβ™₯

  8. Yeah, sorry i did come off as rude, i was kinda taught that was how to cx im really am sorry. Me and Kasen were talking for a while before tye debate so we separated both the debate and our personal interactions i swear none of us went or tried to go personal
  9. .......... I just noticed 😫😫😫😫
  10. Thank you for your feedback even if it does feel a little politically tinged it still has a plethora of Gems in criticism and I can take a boat ton of info for other rounds from it c:. Also the CX when I used caps is how I flow cross ex i make the Caps important points and yeah this K hits pretty close to home with me. Also thx for the Card suggestion :3
  11. AnthonyUwU

    First Time Judge :)

    Hi, imma judge for soon and I wanna know any tips or honestly anything yall can tell me so I can be as fair and effective as a judge as possible?
  12. AnthonyUwU

    The best pens to pen flip and debate with!!!

    I love InkJoys they feel so satisfying and have a nice non-rubber grip