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  1. Squire

    Nietzsche K

    I'm making an aff critiquing the "good moral character" of the naturalization process. I'm not sure which of the various alts I should use. any thoughts?
  2. Nietzsche morality card or place to cut it from. I'm trying to make a k of the moral character requirement for naturalization
  3. Do you have any cites or know where I can get some?
  4. I had a look at their wiki. it looks like a pretty neat aff. thx
  5. I'm going to skill intensive session 1
  6. next year will be my second year doing policy debate. I've gotten very into Pomo and high theory, specifically stuff regarding Nietzsche (I plan to run him a lot on the neg). I know that Nietzsche isn't the best as an affirmative because most of the links are contingent on an affirmatives justification for their impacts, but I know that it can work if done right. If I could get some help regarding a) what a Nietzsche k aff would be like how Nietzsche interacts with next years topic and c) if u have any good Nietzsche affs, could u send them my way so I can use them as a model (if its trash like that Netzchean agonism aff that mich k lab made last summer pls don't send)
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