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  1. T- Immigration is an action DA- Midterms, Base, Horse-Trading, Nativist Backlash, US Heg K- Citizenship, Capitalism, Militarization
  2. Sorry its been a while. CX wouldn't let me post replies or any words in general. My question was originally, what is the Thanos K, and does anybody have it?
  3. I made a Canada aff at state about opening the US Canada border. You can have it cuz im probably not gonna run it, but you'd need to help me find a solvency card just in case i do cuz the one i have now is pretty bad
  4. I’ve been looking for ever and I can’t find anything on this can someone send me a card please. I’m looking for a card that says Canada is willing to open up the borders to the US or anything along those lines thanks
  5. This is also right. My go to is "Perm do alt then aff. If the alt can solve and create a better society that it advocates for, then our plan must be able to pass in this alternate world. If it doesn't, then the don't vote on the K. If the alt fails, then the aff still solves. Either way, vote aff on K."
  6. do you have this k? anyway it might work for 18-19 topic?
  7. do you have a card. it's very hard for me to find one. also does anyone else?
  8. anyone have a decreasing immigration security levels increases terrorism. thx
  9. Baudrillard link to immigration plz
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