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  1. Personally, I think the most important role of the judge is to help the debaters get better. Sure we all hate lay judges who "just didn't understand" our cases, but getting judge blocked isn't as much of a thing as we make it out to be when we in the debate community complain about our losses. Debate is about persuasion. After every round, a good judge will help make a debater a more persuasive speaker. Feedback is more important in my eyes than "getting the ballot right" in almost every instance. I think the best way to give feedback has to balance two things: preserving self efficacy, and communicating criticism. What this means is that feedback must keep the spirit of confidence alive in someone. We all have a tipping point where our shame or embarrassment will outweigh our natural inclination to improve, and we will be scared away from the given activity. I don't anticipate this being a huge problem for you as a judge, unless you are a tremendous dick, but you might not understand the cultural values of the debaters, which might make something you say be more offensive or harsh to them than you meant for it to be. This being said, being too nice can be a problem. If you can't convince the debater that they can improve (which we all can) they are most likely going to stay the same. Discomfort can lead to growth, and you need to get your points across. As a judge, the debaters might not see you as an authority - especially as a first time/inexperienced judge - but in your relationship towards them, you are in a position of power. The only access they have to the ballot is though you. They might disagree with your methods, but every judge is someone to be persuaded, and you are an intrinsic authority on being persuaded, even if they don't see you as one. This is just how I've seen the best results happen in my teaching from a leadership position, but it works for me pretty well.
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