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  1. Every speech act is inherently a performance. But the aff isn't very good for this argument, because it is a policy aff predicated on a governmental action plan, and you'd probably have more luck defending fiat and normal policy stuff. If you want a performative rejection aff, you should probably be more kritikal and have an alt instead of a plan. Before you try to make this aff performative, think about what the aff itself should be.
  2. Get them to start speaking drills. Get them to start reading immigration articles, and send them articles to read. If they're going to camp they'll already have a big headstart. If you have anyone else on your team or anyone you know in other schools who can have practice debates, have practice debates to get them familiar with what a debate looks like.
  3. don't extend it into the 2nc and kick it in the 1nr and you'll be fine.
  4. LASA and Westwood had mostly sophomore teams (besides from their toc teams) this year, so they'll have a lot of juniors next year.
  5. 1 off fiat bad rejection alt with no case is the only strategy.
  6. Hendrickson GS - Got to the TOC this year and Semis of TFA State
  7. Can someone explain the Bataille "There was only ever one debate to be had, that of being vs. becoming" card?
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