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  1. Since certain members of this community have made discussion of this debate difficult, would both debaters prefer me posting the RFD and the discussion of the round occurring over private messages?
  2. I'll have it up later, I just want to give good comments. I appreciate the patience!
  3. Yeah, if we could let's just hold the comments till after the round, at the very least. Neither debater has encouraged a discussion about their style or strategic choices, so let's just wait for them to decide what they want. Colin, I'm all in favour of that.
  4. Sounds like a plan. I apologize, I should have set the expectation of civility and neutrality on the thread until the end of the round at the beginning of the debate. I thought that we as a community were a little better than this, but it looks like we still have work to do. That being said, let CX of the 2NC continue!
  5. I've removed my reactions to the posts in question if that makes you feel more comfortable. I have a huge respect for a wide range of views as long as the actualization of your politics isn't based in bigotry. I apologize for reacting in such a way, but please know that as I said what happens inside of the debate is closed off from all outside opinion. Only the flow matters, with very limited exceptions
  6. Hey, sorry if this was offensive in any way, but just so you know, in the same way as I identified in my paradigm, I do not let my personal feelings affect my judging philosophy, and I never vote on arguments not made in the debate. Since the negative team hasn't explicitly made an argument that the aff is racist on face, it'll still come down to the arguments made in the round, regardless of my opinions on the aff. Believe me, I will give every speech a run down outside of the RFD if you wish, because I do have opinions about the aff and the 1NC strat, but that doesn't change how the debate is viewed. Please don't take it as otherwise, know that I can and will be objective if you would like to continue. Your call
  7. To everyone, let's please keep this thread strictly the content of the debate until the round is completed and the RFD is released. Also, let's try to be respectful please.
  8. Note to both of you: if you use Verbatim, there is a function that counts the words in the doc, it only counts highlighted and tagged words in the count. Typical word limits for v-debates are 2750 for constructives, 1625 for rebuttals. Your call on whether you want to change it, but you both have a lot of room to add if you want. Also Anthony, the FW you're reading is actually just impact framing, for everybody's clarity you can put it under the K or tag it as framing, but you don't have to read it as a separate off.
  9. Hi, I guess I'm judging this round. First things first, aff could you highlight this 1AC so that we get an accurate word count? I'm sure you're good, just to be sure. Paradigm: TDLR; I'm honestly closest to a tab judge you're going to get. Just don't be a bigot and we'll be good. Signposting is appreciated, but I get it. Affs; Do whatever you want, I'm good with K affs if you're good with dealing with FW. Severance can be fleshed out by the debaters, I lean severance the same way as I do with condo. Turns; Only turns I won't buy are oppression/racism good. Oh btw, if you say you're straight turning an arg, I need to see a turn with no defense on the position. DAs; Do whatever, just make sure you warrant your link story. CPs; I'm inclined to think uncondo or one condo rounds produce the best debates, but if y'all can warrant why something different is better, I'm all ears. Ks; I read a decent amount of lit, if you do anything way out there please just break it down a little for me. Other than that I won't limit you. T/theory/FW; I believe limits and competitive equity are the most important issues in a round by default, but can be persuaded otherwise. If you're gonna go for arguments pre-fiat, please let me know and impact out why I weigh that first. Misc; I lean tech>truth on all arguments other than oppression and eugenics. I'll vote on any other argument if you tell me why. I prefer more clash, so please be decent to each other and explain concepts if you don't think your opponent understands them (in a respectful way). I don't judge kick unless you tell me why I should, and I will never vote off of arguments I haven't heard in the round. Let me know if you have any other questions! Enjoy!
  10. Yeah family left this morning, sometime today! Thanks for understanding
  11. Follow ups: 2. Is your position that we should never overturn precedent? 4. So the argument is that bad stuff happens if the federal government tells the states they should/shouldn't do a certain thing? 5. I meant evidence. Do you have evidence in the 1NC that gives uniqueness to the 3rd and 4th off? 6. Like, absolutely none? 7. What about school choice? Like are you saying funding for school choice was reallocated and that proves a use? 8. But PQD is the Political Question Doctrine... so how is Milliken political in the context of the aff? 8.5. Has SCOTUS ever made a political decision in the past? 9. Why is a RTE uniquely better than educational finance equity?
  12. Cross of the 1NC: 1. TVA for both T violations? 2. Is this linear court stripping/legitimacy turn triggered by any act of precedent? 3. What is "SOP"? 4. Your link to federalism is federal involvement in education, correct? 5. Also, where is the uniqueness on the 3rd and 4th off? 6. So to clarify, DeVos has no credibility right now? 7. Could you give me 2-3 examples of the 1 in, 2 out rule actually being used? 8. How is Milliken 'political' in the context of the aff? 9. Does the CP create a right to education or do the plan?
  13. sure thing, post the 1NC whenever or feel free to ask a couple cross questions
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