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  1. Final Bump for Masterdebaters RFD and answers to Vman's questions. We can do this I believe in y'all!
  2. Here is 2ar! Good Debate! Are all 5 of our judges still with us? RFDs and feedback is very much appreciated! Edit: Order is T, just in case anybody expected that curveball. Speech 2ar vDebate.docx
  3. Writing it right now! I apologize for leaving you all hanging like this, I should've written it before all the family stuff for the long weekend kicked in. That was irresponsible of me, my apologies.
  4. Sorry for the delay, 2ar should be up later tonight. Good debate!
  5. 1ar up and running! Order is Case, T, K. Speech 1ar Vdebate.docx
  6. Great! There won't be any more questions, so post whenever.
  7. Follow Ups: 1) There are lots of capitalist policies, like that farm bill, what makes the aff key and not those? If they're all key, how does rejecting just the aff solve? 2) If we win we aren't capitalist, what "yes" is there for the judge to vote on in round? What would the voting on the alt uniquely solve for? 3) If society has capitalist values, is changing them key for solvency? How does you alt solve this? Edited to add #3
  8. Sorry this took so long, the fact I had to dry a flooded bouncy castle should tell you everything you need to know about how my weekend has been! CX: If the debate is a yes/no question on if the aff is capitalist, do we win the debate by winning we aren't capitalist? What is "violation", as described in the OV? Is whether or not somebody is in jail material? Do you think that Brown v Board was a good thing? If African Slavery is key to the genesis of capitalism, thus predating it, as your Slorach card says, how is capitalism the root cause? Ableist action predates capitalism, like Spartans killing babies who weren't "perfect" enough. Therefore how do you control rc? Why is rejecting the aff key for solvency? Do you think current society has capitalist values? There will be follow-ups.
  9. Wow. I really overshot that! This version is 2755. Good lesson in overhighlighting too xd Speech 2ac vdebate 2.docx
  10. Verbatim is still broken and I can't really figure out how to fix it. Reinstalling didn't help ;-; I don't have a good idea how many words this is, but this should be in the bullpark. If somebody will stat this for me I'll add more or cut down to where it's right. Edit: This is my first vDebate so I don't have a good concept of word counts, so if I'm way off I'm really sorry! Edit 2: It just started working and I'm way over, I'll cut it down some. Sorry y'all. Speech 2ac vdebate.docx
  11. I guess I'll give that a try then, thanks! My verbatim is acting up in general, so hopefully that'll solve it. It's getting late and fixing verbatim might take a while, so I think I'll postpone 2ac until tomorrow if that's okay.
  12. Cool, just a couple quick follow up questions. 1) Status of the CPs and K? 2) I suppose what I'm really asking is what is the warrant in the Boyd card? I didn't find any clear warrant to total collapse in my reading.