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  1. monkeybusiness

    I apologize

    @maury's list not mine ... ask him
  2. monkeybusiness

    I apologize

    I think it's fantastic you're willing to revamp the site. What's the timeline for implementing the changes?
  3. monkeybusiness

    How is TFA ld in the Amarillo and Lubbock area?

    lay debate isn't my cup of tea either ... but it's certainly better than no debate
  4. monkeybusiness

    anyone have a queerness lecture?

    emporia sw
  5. monkeybusiness

    How to Withdraw Money or Get Paid from Evazon

    including interest?
  6. monkeybusiness

    What is the Monism K?

    who read it at the ndt 13?
  7. monkeybusiness

    Multiple Alts

    of course it's allowed. conditionality is unlimited these days!
  8. monkeybusiness

    How to Withdraw Money or Get Paid from Evazon

    Did anyone get paid yet?
  9. monkeybusiness

    lmao what the heck is going on

    I'll take what we can get ... it would be nice to see some other features up too though
  10. monkeybusiness

    I need to contact the owner of this site immediately

    ahh, a method debate.
  11. monkeybusiness

    I need to contact the owner of this site immediately

    lol are we even disagreeing much?
  12. monkeybusiness

    I need to contact the owner of this site immediately

    You can read and answer it if you want, but I only posted to give some feedback on what I think is best for the community. I don't care if david is 'rewarded' with a site buyout as long as he's out of the picture, whether crossx is revitilized, or policydb8 surpasses it. If i wasn't clear before, no one thinks crossx is a disservice but authors; the average poster thiknks its just a drab service. word of mouth assumes existing connections. when i was competing in local circuit in the south, I found crossx by myself by searching google (or was it alta vista?). no one else on my team used it. uniqueness doesn't determine the link. cross-x's dull brand doesn't prevent it from resurging. It sounds like you have some pretty fantastic website ideas; I'll be sure to visit. As Ssnarf said, my only disagreement is what the website's name is. Is there any issue with perm: acquire the domain, migrate the threads and accounts, and redirect urls to their transplantation on policydb8 besides vintage users not knowing they can login to policydb8 with a crossx account?
  13. monkeybusiness

    I need to contact the owner of this site immediately

    the website absolutely is in need of an upgrade. that doesn't warrant discarding or severing the legacy of cross-x. I'm not sure who involved you were with coding your new website, but if you built it yourself, you should know that if you own the website/have root permissions, it is not impossible to migrate accounts and threads to a new forum technology. previous users maintain their account and can make a new, quick post to a struggling freshman without a post with the 5 seconds it takes to login, and the credibility of all their previous posts. How big is the demand for a new debate forum? the existing ones work fine. you can create demand for new services, but you need to catch someone's eye first. By owning cross-x.com, your website becomes your advertisement for your services. pinned posts on reddit, fb groups, expire, require an account, and structurally confine (css/html/js) your salesmanship
  14. monkeybusiness

    I need to contact the owner of this site immediately

    Fine, I'll call you 'performance debate' if that's what you prefer. David's a worse version of the preceding decline. The site didn't innovate with the times in the way that yours plans to. It could have had, for example, messaging, video lectures where comments were timestamped, live file collaboration a la sharepoint before pads was a thing, etc. It didn't, and after david took over, more (squo) things became "didn't happen"s. in my experience, the attitude toward this site is 'lol no one uses that anymore'. The site hasn't been malicious to the vast majority of users (only authors). There are plenty of instructive posts from ankur, snarf, tammie peters, etc that are still insightful and cardable. No one thinks it's a bad resource, just that it requires a middleman/management that anticipates and enables constructive activities. If you want to 'do cross-x right', another website is not cross-x.com. This seems to boil down to the domain of your website. I find 'Leonardi, 2 time first round, and rawrcat, coach of ada-winning gmu, are bringing cross-x back to its apex', is much more persuasive than you 2 'developing the best debate forum'. If the decline of cross-x began in 2008, and a debate coach took 5 years to graduate college, most coaches coaching for 5 or more years can attest to how high that apex was, and how popular and illuminating this site once was, much of which has been artifacted into some pretty fantastic forum posts. Maybe the ranks of college coaches change a lot, but in high school there are more than 5 coaches above the age of 55. Texas UIL is much less prone to coach burnout than NDT death marches. 'cross-x.com' is probably still on their handout listing debate resources. I know K debate is really utopic and loosely internally linked, but the real world is much slower and difficult to change. With a cross-x.com domain, no matter how large the overhaul, you reach generations and areas of debate beyond your imagination and not just college/natcircuit. I know back in the day, a lot of LDers read this forum and could have benefitted from their own subforums - and still could. I heard ross garret 'gave' david the website. does anyone know if he's willing to 'give' the login to someone else too? Also I'm sorry if it sounds too much like I'm trying to tell you what to do when its your emotional labor and time, trying to provide a possibly useful opinion.
  15. monkeybusiness

    I need to contact the owner of this site immediately

    lol to clarify I'm not interested in a lawsuit because of some silly sense of justice, but because it's the most enforceable mechanism for responsible ownership from david. could a lawsuit force him to hand the website over to someone else? It sounds like some other people on crossx are interested in running a debate website, so I'm interested to hear what it would take to get it transferred to their name. I've never heard of david, but I know spike won ceda, which commands a lot of authority in itself.