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  1. monkeybusiness

    This site

    Ummm he would be more likely to make money from this site if he actually maintained, curated, and promoted this site.
  2. monkeybusiness

    I apologize

    Did he actually do anything at all? I'm not an author so I don't know.
  3. monkeybusiness

    The Debatercast

    2019 edition? Excited to hear more!
  4. monkeybusiness

    This site

    Is it legal to pay someone 3 years late? that might be grounds for a lawsuit.
  5. monkeybusiness

    This site

    how much does it cost to buy the site from him?
  6. monkeybusiness

    This site

    ummm does anyone know why he doesn't do anything?
  7. monkeybusiness

    This site

    ok if David cares enough to prevent you from advertising policydb7 then he's clearly capable of actually taking care of the site.
  8. monkeybusiness

    Debating with braces & expander

    on a serious note though, you need to adapt as @NickDB8 said. practice speed drills, rebuttals until you get used to the braces.
  9. monkeybusiness

    Debating with braces & expander

    get a jaw transplant
  10. monkeybusiness

    Scott Deatherage's "The Speech"

    Could anyone explain what is meant by 'character' and 'commitment'? He goes into the other 2, but I don't know what kind of character and what type of commitment excels in debate.
  11. monkeybusiness

    I apologize

    @maury's list not mine ... ask him
  12. monkeybusiness

    I apologize

    I think it's fantastic you're willing to revamp the site. What's the timeline for implementing the changes?
  13. monkeybusiness

    How is TFA ld in the Amarillo and Lubbock area?

    lay debate isn't my cup of tea either ... but it's certainly better than no debate
  14. monkeybusiness

    anyone have a queerness lecture?

    emporia sw
  15. monkeybusiness

    How to Withdraw Money or Get Paid from Evazon

    including interest?