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  1. Because people lose ballots all the time. Obviously comes down to judging quality, arg preference, etc. Lindale also won FloMo and Houston. So like, dropping a ballot or not lol, they got the W.
  2. LmAo. You did steal a ballot on Condo.
  3. I guess so. I'll judge If I can. I'm probably not going to upload a paradigm seeing as the debate has already set the tone.
  4. You need to be asking way more questions and way more in-depth questions. Edit -- ^ that was such an understatement. The 1NC isn't good by any means and it's 7 off and mostly T with literally no impact defense on the advantages and a K that probably doesn't resolve the aff or at the very least you will have impact turns against the alternative. You need to be hammering them on T because most of them are kind of ridiculous and perceptually it will be an uphill battle to go for anything else when they haven't mitigated most of your offense on the case.
  5. You should do yourself a favor and not read that many contentions. Also, I would get rid of the neolib advantage, this aff doesn't appear to be a cap aff on face value and people can easily impact turn Neolib whereas people can't impact turn ableism, racism etc.
  6. If you've ever debated Wilson you will know that he is his own team. Greenhill AK seems justified. Westside has one bid, lost to Kinkaid HK in prelims of Houston and then to Katy Taylor in Quarters, also lost to Hendrickson GS at TFA state in doubles. Yeah they showed out at UT and I respect that but I don't see them knocking anyone else off of the list that already exists. I love Haris and he has had some terrible luck this year but honestly no. I wish things were different for him and hope he debates in college.
  7. Lindale beat Greenhill EG in Finals on a 2-1. They spent 15 seconds on the ontology debate in the 2NR. It's crazy that we flipped aff every round and every round they still went for FW. Top teams are Lindale, Greenhill EG, LASA AV, Westwood GN, Harris Wilson, Hendrickson GS, Westwood CS, Katy Taylor BK, and maybe Hebron KN depending on who you ask.
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