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  1. The season is well underway so I think it’s thag time again to posit this question - who are the best texas teams currently?
  2. Kansas KR wins the NDT and the copeland award. Thoughts and Reactions to this years NDT?
  3. Boyd AY also stole a ballot from them at Flower mound but idk how
  4. Who are the best Dallas Area Sophomore Teams?
  5. I heard EG doesnt read anything less than 8 off against policy affs
  6. did not mean to upvote debate 2000
  7. Thank god Khambati is graduating this year.
  8. Private schools can't do UIL. And I think Hendrickson GS is def a team to watch. Same with Woodlands MR.
  9. Now that TFA state is over: Top teams in Texas? Teams to watch out for? And does anyone know what happened in the finals round? Also I think it's kinda crazy how LIndale was aff every elim round.
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