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  1. jmeza111401

    Racism Cards

    It depends on the argument you are reading but check out this cool new website with FREE FILE I'm pretty sure you'll find something here: https://openev.debatecoaches.org/ This other website has helped me a lot too: https://scholar.google.com/ have fun prepping
  2. jmeza111401

    UTNIF Highlighted Set Col File

    it will probably be up on openev in a few weeks
  3. jmeza111401

    best k aff for next year

    First understand that fw say you need the usfg all you need is a reason why your advocacy should be and can't be done as a plan throught usfg for example if my advocacy is to affirm the queer immigrant identity then at fw would be something like the usfg cant affirm my identity immigration policy do x,y and z to queer immigrants and thats bad cus x,y,z affirming the queer immigrant identity is important cus x,y,z and just answer the standard and you'll be fine
  4. jmeza111401

    best k aff for next year

    It depends on your specific aff
  5. Alright here the thread post the 1ac whenever you want.
  6. Its fine take all the time you need
  7. Vdebate anyone ? I really want to go neg I have some strats I want to try
  8. Cx: 1. Does the k solve for ableism or atleast helps solves for it ? 2. Will IDEA be around post alt? 3. Can solving for capitalism help solve for children with disabilities going to prison or dropping out? 4. What is society like post alt ? (I real dont have much more bring on the 1nr)
  9. Honestly that was as short as i was able to make it just do what you must in the block Edit: added smiley face
  10. here is the 2ac Can someone check the word count im open for cx 2ac v TheTrashDebater.docx
  11. paradigm: aff: do what you want for aff just make sure I understand why it is topical if its a k aff but besides that no prefs on aff K: Try to clarify any theory k's I have read a few but not a lot if I don't understand it I don't vote for it T/ theory: I love good T debates but I also hate bad T debate just trying to express why your interpretation is better also ( I will honestly vote for the fairest interpretation ) da/cp: they are alright you do you just explain the net benefit if there is no good net benefit then I have no reason to vote for the cp overall: be nice, have fun, and learn from this and a discussion after would be great edit: I used the wrong "your"
  12. y'all need a judge cus I have nothing better to do ?
  13. also, can you give me a TVA for each of your interpts pls (this will be all for cx 2ac will be up probably tomorrow)